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New Interior Trend: Toffee Roses Flowers Decoration


White roses, red roses, pink roses! There are over 150 species of roses, the timeless classics always and each decoration will instantly add an elegant touch to the touch. Currently, you can see on Instagram and Pinterest, but a kind of rose, which differs in color from all the other flowers: Toffee Roses are the new Hypewhich have become currently the absolute Trend. The Name of this rose variety is already a note on the color scheme. Well, have you guessed it yet? Perhaps the most beautiful trend flower you’ve noticed already. Due to their unique color, they are particularly suitable for wedding arrangements quite fabulous. Also let the new Interior Trend enchant!

What Toffee Roses? You can eat it?

Mmh, Toffee Roses – that sounds pretty tasty. Almost a bit like a sticky Toffee. And the flowers of the Trend-Rose from see also great. Toffee Roses are caramel colors and remember, as the Name suggests, in delicious Toffee confections. But dried roses? No. Contrary to what you might suspect, this is not only dried flowers, or dried flowers. The color of the flowers, and the only reminder of it. Eat you can’t the Trend-Rose by the way, even if it looks damn delicious!

Toffee Roses in Box

So you decorate with Toffee Roses

Due to the colour of the Rose is elegant and with a penchant for elegant Bouquets to use. But also for modern wedding bouquets is the warm brown tone is chosen, in the meantime, pretty happy. To decorate the Fudge Roses style, you can tie the flowers either all bunches or in combination with other light colored species of flowers, and green grasses as an eye-catcher to use. Even more Styling ideas and reveal our Interior experts!

Table decoration with Toffee Roses

Fresh flowers are seen as a table decoration and spray in the Vase pure vivacity and good mood. With Toffee Roses, you can give your table is also a glamorous Flair, with Sand, Beige and cream for a harmonious overall image gives off. But also for a more natural Look on the table, the beautiful roses are almost a Must. In the Bouquet with dried flowers and green eucalyptus, you are the Highlight of your decor. You can complete the Look with table runners made from Jute, linen napkins and ceramic dishes expertly.

Wedding decoration with Toffee Roses

No Bridal bouquet without roses! These flowers are at weddings are still very popular and are used again and again for Deko & co. No Wonder! Finally, red roses for beauty and love, especially. Since weddings but it also reflects the taste of the bride and groom and traditional roses might seem a little boring, are Toffee Roses for a Celebration in the Bohemian Chic, a real Must-Have. So you combine the best of modern naturalness and timeless classic. It is particularly advantageous that sounds create with muted tones, fresh Green, and shiny gold a noble Look.

To styles this Residential Toffee Roses fit

Toffee Roses Bouquet

The warm shade of brown looks classy and glamorous – no question about it. The Toffee roses come but in their own four walls, to particularly good effect, also need to get on the ambience. In the Mix with bright colors, lots of cream, Beige, White, and natural materials effect the overall picture is totally consistent. For this reason, the Toffee and the Roses fit, especially to a modern residential style with simple furnishings. Set the Trend-Rose to catch the eye and keep the Rest very clean. A French country style with white wooden furniture can provide the roses for a beautiful environment that the flowers come to the fore.

Toffee Roses buy

If you have fallen in love with the new roses-Trend and its decoration want to decorate with the pieces of jewellery, something that we have to disappoint you, unfortunately. Because Toffee Roses you can’t get in any flower shop. Originally, this rose variety from South America, and only selected Flori originates in the USA, they carry a large assortment of. With a bit of luck you can order the Rose, but in some Online stores. Also for the beautiful roses are not a bargain. Just because the flowers are currently being hyped so, is a price of 2.50 Euro per piece not uncommon. A Highlight in the Vase but they are all!

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