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New Year’s Eve decoration: Your party will be unforgettable


New Year’s Eve is a special evening. It is the last day of the year and also the last festival in every year. At the turn of the year there are big parties all over the world to welcome the new year. Read here what you definitely need for the New Year’s Eve party!

How to plan your New Year’s Eve party properly

With these simple tips and tricks, planning your New Year’s Eve party is child’s play!

  • Make a list of all the guests you can expect at your party. So you have an overview straight away.
  • The food should be a highlight at every party! Find out whether your guests have special wishes or intolerances. Afterwards you can better assess whether you are in the kitchen yourself or hire a professional.
  • Let your loved one know about your party plans early enough. So everyone can plan ahead better and enter the highlight of the year on the calendar.
  • If you are planning a theme party, you should pass this information on to your guests as soon as possible. Only in this way can everyone show up in a fancy costume.

DIY surprise package for New Years

Three suggestions for your New Year’s decoration

The New Year’s Eve party is not just any celebration of the year. Which is why both the decoration and your outfits, as well as the food and drinks, may be a little more decadent this evening. It is particularly harmonious if you give your party a motto. This should not only be reflected in the New Year’s decoration. It should also be recognizable on each of your guests. Because let’s be honest: It’s fun to dress up for a certain motto. And then dive into another world with all guests! Confetti and balloons are definitely a must-have for the party. If you want to protect your wallet and the environment, there is an easy hack! Just use your waste paper and convert it to the small pieces of confetti paper. Then only the balloons are missing!

Classic New Year’s decoration

When it comes to decorating for this special evening, one thing counts. It has to sparkle and sparkle like fireworks! Traditionally, the colors gold and silver dominate the New Year’s decoration. In combination with black and white you will get into a party mood!

If you are holding a larger New Year’s Eve party, you should include light in your New Year’s decoration. A disco ball creates a mood like in a club, which is illuminated with white or colored light. Then hundreds of small points of light dance through the room! The candles do not have to be banished from the decoration after Christmas either. If you replace the Christmas candles and the advent wreath with glittering candles and table fireworks, you are ready for New Year’s Eve!

Balloons should not be missing from your party decoration. In addition to the classic variant, you can also use foil balloons. Thanks to the large selection of letters and numbers, you can, for example, incorporate the new year into your New Year’s Eve in style. Versions filled with helium can be skillfully suspended on the ceiling. This gives the room a festive atmosphere!

Great Gatsby

Would you like an elegant theme party? Then a lavish party like in the 1920s is the right thing for you. Use the classic Great Gatsby as a guide. And take your apartment back to the golden age.

Champagne bowls, swing dresses, feather boas and exceptional cocktails are a must! When choosing colors, you should stick to black and gold. Accessories with pearls, sequins and fairy lights give your New Year’s decoration the necessary level of opulence. So don’t skimp on the decorations, more is more!

The motto should also be reflected in the table decorations for New Year’s Eve. Golden place plates and chairs with gold frames provide the glam factor. While a black tablecloth and crystal glasses provide the party feeling. And thanks to a champagne pyramid, your New Year’s Eve party will be the highlight of the year.

New Years Eve movie party

If you want to take it easy for your New Year’s Eve party, you could host a cozy film party. However, this does not mean that you have to hold back on the New Year’s decoration! For example, the dominant colors can be white and red. In addition to a canvas and comfortable sofas, armchairs and seat cushions, a buffet full of goodies should not be missing. For example, you can fill the classic cinema snack popcorn in matching white and red striped popcorn bags. You can also include the presentation of your hot dogs, nachos and other snacks in the New Year’s decoration.

tip: It is particularly cozy with cozy blankets and casual jogging pants. This is how you can start the new year in a relaxed and relaxed way.

The New Year’s table decoration

A noble dinner in the new year without the right New Year’s table decoration? Unthinkable! We have therefore created a checklist for you! Not to be missed:

  • Napkins and rings
  • A high quality tablecloth
  • Candles
  • Flowers
  • Nice cutlery
  • dishes
  • Champagne glasses and water glasses

Tip: A good drink makes you happy, but luck brings the New Year’s symbols! Therefore, also think of the lucky charms with ladybirds, shamrock, horseshoes and a sparkler!

This shouldn’t be missing at any New Year’s party

  • With luck in the new year: Good luck charms such as shamrocks, chimney sweeps or pigs are a tradition on New Year’s Eve. They should give us a happy new year. Include these lucky charms in your New Year’s decoration! If you have a little more time to plan, you can make little lucky charms for the guests. If you love to bake, homemade fortune cookies with small messages would be a nice idea for your loved ones.
  • Our tip for party favors: New Year’s Eve in a glass! For this, a few ingredients are placed in a larger jar with a swing top and nicely packaged. Fortune cookies, sparklers, crackers, a small Prosecco can and streamers are particularly suitable for filling. The gift can be copied quickly and a nice idea for the New Year’s celebration.
  • Sparkling wine and champagne! Toasting with the New Year is an absolute must. It is best to cool fine drops of sparkling wine or champagne, also in a non-alcoholic version. Well then cheers!

DIY: Make the New Year’s Eve Piñata

The piñata is not just a grenade on children’s birthdays: definitely on New Year’s Eve too! Because it is more than just a beautiful decorative object, it is also filled with many goodies. And it’s fun to let them burst! How to make the piñata:

Champagne glasses DIY

Recipe ideas for your New Year’s buffet

Celebrate your New Year’s Eve dinner together on a long table. And so enjoy a relaxing evening with your friends! Popular dishes for New Year’s Eve include fondue, fire pots or raclette. If each of the guests brings a little something with them, there are many delicious things to try. Also popular is a New Year’s Eve buffet, where everyone can help themselves as they please.

Our tip: Discuss the New Year’s finger food with your guests in advance. So everyone can contribute different New Year’s Eve recipes to the buffet. For drinks, we can recommend a kind of drink roulette: Each guest brings a recipe for a new cocktail and the ingredients for it. So all guests can taste new drinks and there is surely enough replenishment for everyone.

DIY instructions Photobooth

Are you planning a bigger party? Then it can also be a photo booth. With a suitable background and funny props for the photo box, you can create memories with your guests in no time.

After all, a Polaroid camera or a Photobooth are much funnier than the normal smartphone pictures. Take spontaneous shots of your party and then give the pictures to your guests. This is not only a nice memory of the evening together, but already creates a relaxed atmosphere at the New Year’s Eve party. Whoever celebrates New Year’s Eve with children also creates a fun activity for the little guests. To make the photos even more individual, we will show you a small DIY guide for a few props:

How to make photo props for the New Year’s party

  1. step

    Obtain cardboard, liquid glue and thin wooden sticks with a length of approx. 20-30 cm.

  2. step

    Print motifs for your photobooth. Spectacles, beards, hats, masks, speech bubbles or drink glasses are particularly funny.

  3. step

    Glue the motifs onto the cardboard and cut out the motifs with scissors.

  4. step

    Now try to quickly push a wooden stick between paper and cardboard. You may now need some glue again. Make sure that the end of the wooden stick should later serve as a holder and the long end must therefore lie on the lower side.

  5. step

    Let the props dry before you start the photo session. Enjoy the personal photo shoot on New Year’s Eve!

No matter whether extravagant or casual. With your New Year’s decoration you can easily set the tone for your party. In the WestwingNow online shop you will find further New Year’s decoration for the New Year! So get to the imaginative accessories! Your New Year’s Eve party will no longer be forgotten! PS: Don’t forget to send New Year wishes to all your friends who can’t celebrate with you!

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