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It is the dream of many people and almost an absolute must for your own home: your own garden. Just like in the apartment, you can also get inspiration for great design options for the outdoor area. From furniture to decoration – a coherent and cozy picture is created in no time. So in summer it is more and more often said: “Walk out!”. If you move your summer vacation to your own garden this year, you will benefit even more from a harmonious garden design. Let yourself be inspired by the tips of our interior experts! Find the most beautiful variant for you from our numerous garden ideas.

In our online shop at WestwingNow you will find great garden decorations! Whether modern, luxurious, casual or colorful – our garden accessories leave nothing to be desired. An atmospheric garden decoration also includes the right plants and a bright green lawn. You can find out how to take good care of your grass and what you should generally consider when taking care of the lawn in our gardening guide below. We hope you enjoy browsing, reading and shopping!

The best ideas for your garden

If you want to create your own garden or think about the design of the front yard, there are a variety of garden design ideas. Whether an English and Japanese garden or a French garden: all have their own characteristics. A Feng Shui garden based on the Far Eastern model is just as popular. With a little know-how, you can also create your own Zen garden here. Not only in demand for indoors: The Shabby Chic garden presents the romantic style with a matching garden shelf and enchanted accessories.

If you have a little more space inside, you can also create a small indoor garden in the kitchen. In general, you have all the options your heart desires for designing your garden. You should only commit to one style, as otherwise it can quickly become too much and overloaded for the viewer. Once you have decided on a style, you only need the right decoration.

Especially in the summer months there are many mild evenings and nights that you like to spend outside. Therefore, when designing the garden, one should also think of pretty garden lights that give warm light in the dark. Whether you prefer torches, solar lights or LED garden lamps is entirely up to your taste.

Our garden decoration ideas are as diverse as the gardens themselves. No matter whether garden decoration made of glass, figures made of ceramics, objects made of metal or solid garden decoration made of wood. Here you can find out which material suits you best.

Garden decoration made of glass

Garden decoration made of glass is very durable and provides great light reflections in your garden. The material is also frost-resistant, UV and weather-resistant and usually lasts longer than natural materials. So if you are looking for real eye-catchers for your garden, it is worth investing in garden decorations made of glass.

Design your little paradise into an individual place outdoors. Whether a glass flower pot, glowing glass balls on the lawn or hanging lights in the tree top – garden decorations made of glass shine in full splendor. When choosing the garden decoration made of glass, you should make sure that the glass is really suitable for installation outdoors. Garden decorations made of glass are given a high degree of stability by a special processing method, which cannot be compared to classic glass decorations.

Garden decoration made of wood

The wooden garden decoration is very popular outdoors. The natural and classic look of the material gives every garden the necessary charm and is not only suitable for rustic and romantic garden designs, but also for a modern look. Different wooden elements create a cozy atmosphere. With a wooden garden decoration, pretty and interesting styles are created. Create pretty details with a wooden garden path, various garden figures and accessories made from wooden discs or pallets.

A wooden garden decoration is very diverse and can also be ideally adapted to the different seasons and festivities. Especially in autumn, a wooden garden decoration radiates a special warmth and conveys a feeling of security. With cozy blankets, many decorative pillows and flickering candles, you can reinforce the look and create a real haven of peace in your own garden.

Garden decoration made of metal

The metal garden decoration is somewhat more modern, but no less popular. A variety of possible combinations ensure the casual and industrial character. So if you are a fan of the rough industrial chic, this is exactly your garden decoration. Metal spices up drab corners in your garden and is above all a very robust material that is weather-resistant and easy to care for. The metal garden decoration is also versatile! The material is characterized by its durability and sustainability and can be combined with wood, glass and stone in an imaginative way. In order to achieve a harmonious overall impression, you should choose the metal garden decoration to match your garden furniture.

Garden decorations made of rust are currently all the rage. Due to the rough look, rust conveys a lot of cosiness and harmony. Of course, a garden decoration made of rust is not old objects that simply stood outside in the rain for too long. This consists of steel that has been treated with acid in a controlled manner and is rusty brown over a large area. The optical effect is just wonderful!

Make garden decorations yourself

Give your garden a personal touch by simply making one or the other object for decoration yourself. You don’t have to be very skilled at it. Do-it-yourself fun and a little creativity are enough to let off steam in this area.

  • Variant 1: Small vases for a few branches can be easily made by yourself. Glass bottles, which you refine with spray paint in the color of your choice, create individual decorative objects.
  • Variant 2: Even lanterns from cans are a wonderful way to give the table decoration its own note. Stylish garden decorations can be conjured up from old everyday objects with little effort. The so-called “upcycling” trend can simply be implemented perfectly in the garden. In this way, you not only benefit your garden, but also the environment.

You can find our most beautiful garden decoration here:

The most beautiful garden decoration for small gardens

With the right decoration and the right plants, you can make every little garden seem generous. Every square meter is expensive, especially in the city. If you are one of the lucky ones who are allowed to own a garden, then put the green oasis in the right light.

How do small gardens look larger?

  • Tip 1: As the focal point in your own garden, terraces or small islands with furniture are perfect. Create spacious areas that offer plenty of space for garden furniture. If these are now connected to each other, there is visually more space.
  • Tip 2: Large slabs are not so suitable for the terrace in a small garden, since they make the room appear even smaller. As a floor covering, wood or the smallest possible stones are a great and above all stylish choice, which can also be combined with many garden furniture.
  • Tip 3: Create clarity and diversity by formally dividing your garden into different areas by paths or low hedges.
  • Tip 4: Create a natural note with curved lawns and beds. Sometimes they run close together and then go apart again. So you make the property appear much more spacious.
  • Tip 5: Do you want to visibly differentiate yourself from the neighboring property? A mix of low plants in the foreground and taller plants behind them visually move the property boundary into the distance.

Pretty garden plants for that holiday feeling

In addition to the garden decoration and the matching garden furniture, it is also the garden plants that contribute to a relaxing holiday feeling. Even the first spring flowers transform your oasis of wellbeing into a colorful ambience, which invites you to sit outside. Large flower boxes give your plants a stylish home and also enable planting on the terrace. The classic garden plants usually grow somewhat more expansively and often require special soils to thrive properly.

  • A pretty garden plant with that certain something is, for example, the rhododendron, a heather family. It blooms in many colors and is filled with numerous flowers quite abundantly. It usually grows best in boggy, woody areas, since the soil pH is slightly acidic there. The rhododendron needs brightness, but no direct sunlight.
  • Hollyhocks belonging to the mallow family are also beautiful for your garden. It doesn’t always have to be the real rose. The Hollyhock also exudes a touch of romance in your garden and wears an enchanting flower dress with delicate leaves. You can start sowing in March. In a sheltered cold frame on the windowsill, plant the first seedlings. From May to June you can also sow the seeds directly outdoors.
  • A real classic in many gardens is the sour cherry from the rose family. The sour cherry tree convinces with its high yields. In addition, it is extremely easy to care for and, thanks to its white flowers and extensive branches, becomes a delicate eye-catcher in your garden.

You should pay attention to this when lawn care

  • Fact 1: Regular scarifying is a real must for a beautiful, well-kept lawn. In addition, continuous mowing also encourages dense growth of the lawn plants. It is therefore best to mow your lawn every one to two weeks from April. You should use the lawn mower even more often if you have previously fertilized the lawn. Do not shorten the grass to a few millimeters – a height of three to four centimeters is ideal.
  • Fact 2: You discovered a bald spot on your lawn? Sow them regularly and water the lawn seeds thoroughly. Very important: Before sowing, loosen the soil with a rake and remove weeds. So the reseeding has enough space to grow!
  • Fact 3: If the temperatures in summer climb up on the thermometer, the lawn should also be wetted with water. Basically, however, the more dry phases the grasses go through over time, the stronger and deeper their roots develop.
  • Fact 4: If you want to create a lawn from scratch, you should pay attention to the correct composition when selecting the seed. Lawn seeds always consist of a mixture of different types and varieties. For example, these are specially designed for English, shadow, sun or play lawns.
  • Fact 5: Mowing is not the same as mowing! The right technology does it. Drive your lawn in straight paths with the lawn mower. Then carefully remove the clippings. However, if you want to mulch, you can leave the remains and mow again at a 90 ° angle over the green area. The garden is decorated and perfectly mowed, the plants are already blooming. The terrace was also equipped with stylish furniture and garden accessories. Now the warm days in the fresh air can be enjoyed in style. Have fun soaking up the sun and relaxing!

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