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Nice storage space: decorate the chest of drawers


Did you know that the chest of drawers originally comes from France? There the term “commode” means something like comfortable. A dresser is basically an improvement on the chest. The chest of drawers has been used in many rooms since the 18th century. Especially in the living room and bedroom, but also in the hallway, the piece of furniture convinces with its storage options. However, a chest of drawers doesn’t just have to be used in a practical way. Because with decorative elements and home accessories you can lift the chest of drawers to a whole new level. Our interior experts will give you great tips and beautiful styling ideas on how to decorate your chest of drawers. Let yourself be inspired!

Tips for decorating the dresser

Interior fans love the dresser. Because: The piece of furniture is not only a practical storage object, but also quite decorative. At the same time, you can enhance the chic of the chest of drawers with the appropriate decoration. Be creative! Classics such as books, lamps and pictures are ideal mix & match partners. You just have to follow a few tips:

  • Less is more: Don’t overload your dresser. So every single object comes into its own much better.
  • The skyline form: Mix smaller and larger objects similar to a skyline. A particularly large object like a table lamp stands for the “skyscraper”, the high-rise building.
  • Arrange in groups: Groups of similar decorative elements, objects of the same size or in similar colors appear more harmonious.
  • Melon rule: Decorative objects should be at least the size of a melon. This will help you avoid styling too many small and interlocking objects.
  • Uneven numbers: An odd number of decorative objects can be arranged more attractively.
  • Form a background: Always think first about how to design the wall behind the sideboard. An accent color or mirror, as well as murals, are popular options.

12 creative ideas: decoration for the chest of drawers

The chest of drawers is a great all-rounder! Because the storage space on the piece of furniture is ideal for placing decoration and making the room even more beautiful. At the same time, any junk can be stowed away in the drawers or behind the cabinet doors. Whether you position the TV on your chest of drawers or use the it-piece exclusively for decorative purposes – with the right accessories you always have a beautiful interior.

Decorate the chest of drawers by room

Whether you want a chest of drawers with decoration in the living room, bedroom, office, bathroom or hallway plays a big role in the decoration.

  • Decorative elements for the bathroom: Trays with rolled towels, scented candles and room scents.
  • Decoration for the living room: Candles and flowers in particular provide a natural and beautiful flair.
  • Ideas for the bedroom: Candles and mirrors are particularly popular in the bedroom.
  • Inspiration for the office: Plants ensure a good indoor climate, beautiful cups and storage boxes store practical items.
  • Decoration for the hallway: Beautiful trays for keys and boxes for other practical things like umbrellas are particularly suitable in the hallway.

Decorate the chest of drawers with plants or flowers and beautiful pots or vases

Decorate chest of drawers with bouquet, candles and vase

Plants are almost a must for your home! Because the green roommates breathe freshness and liveliness into the ambience. Plus: Some of the pieces of jewelry also ensure a better indoor climate. Sounds like an absolute win-win situation! Medium-sized plants or bouquets decorated in glass vases are ideal for decorating your chest of drawers. Cacti in particular are very popular and extremely easy to care for. With pots or vases you give the look more expression and depth. For fans of the minimalist living style, planters and baskets made of natural materials are wonderful. On the other hand, it becomes a little more rustic with models made of ceramic or earthenware. The plant decoration is suitable for every room, since plants are welcome elements everywhere.

Decorate the chest of drawers or the wall behind with pictures or mirrors

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