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Orchid decoration – the interior trend


Orchids deserve a very special place in your home. Due to the diverse flower shapes and the atmospheric colors, they are considered a true work of nature. The importance of the plant is also derived from its unique appearance: if you give away an orchid or receive one, this expresses admiration for the beauty of the recipient. The flowering plants also symbolize longing, passion and fertility. That is why the flower is a popular gift, especially among lovers. Ensure a harmonious feel-good home with orchid decoration and showcase furniture, window sills etc. The artificial alternative also creates a cheerful, colorful look in your home. Let yourself be inspired!

What are orchids?

  • Orchids belong to the family of monocotyledonous plants, the monocotyledons. This is one of the largest flowering plant families ever.
  • Like all monocotyledonous plants, orchids have a single cotyledon and a three-part flower structure.
  • Around 25,000 orchid species in nearly 900 genera are known worldwide. No wonder! The flower belongs to a worldwide family that occurs from the Arctic Circle to Tierra del Fuego and on the islands south of Australia.
  • The largest orchid plants are the so-called vanilla. These beauties form lianas down to the tops of the rainforest trees and can grow to be around twenty meters or even longer.
  • The best known orchid is the phalaenopsis. It is also called the moth orchid and is one of the easiest to care for. If properly cared for, it can bloom continuously for several months.
  • Depending on the species, orchids grow either terrestrial (in the ground), lithophytic (on stones) or epiphytic (sitting on trees).

Orchid decoration: questions about care

As soon as you decorate an orchid in your four walls, the flower with its colorful petals creates an elegant atmosphere. So that this stays that way for a long time and your orchid does not lose its flowers within a few days, proper care is essential. With our tips, you will have great pleasure in this neat trend piece for a very long time!

We have just enjoyed the beautiful splendor of the new orchid and the first flowers are already saying goodbye. With the right care program, you can elicit a long-lasting flowering time from your orchid – even into autumn and winter. As a rule, orchids bloom for a few weeks. Then all the petals fall off and the houseplant takes a little break before blooming again.

No orchid blooms forever! All genera of the plant have a fixed rhythm of rest and growth. Most orchids bloom in spring between February and May. Then the orchid begins to grow, which can last until September. As of autumn, the flower forms new flower buds again and shines in new colors.

Repot the orchid immediately after purchase and then every two to three years. Similar to the classic herb pots, orchid plants are mostly sold in cups that are much too small. The root system cannot develop properly here and the plant dies. Repotting should be done at the latest when you can easily remove the orchid from the pot.

The most beautiful ideas for orchid decoration

The interior of the orchid stands for a pure, pure and sustainable furnishing style. The delicate flowers with the colorful flower buds reflect an uncomplicated lifestyle. The simplicity of the orchid ensures well-being within your own four walls. With a combination of simple, natural decorative elements, you bring a harmonious ambience into your own home. Whether white orchids or delicate lilac and pink tones – they convey a fresh and simple look in a minimalistic ceramic pot. If you focus on calmness and balance within your own four walls, you can concentrate on warm colors. Soft, pastel orchid plants reinforce this effect and go perfectly with luxurious materials such as velvet and marble. For a somewhat rougher look – such as in industrial style – you can plant the phalaenopsis in a pot made of bars or concrete. Or you can hang them on an iron frame like a memo board.

The decoration in the pot on the windowsill is particularly well presented. It is best to choose a place here that is bright but not in full sun. Decorated individually as a cut flower in a vase, the flower is particularly beautiful as a table decoration. Change the water regularly and do not place your flower decoration in the sun or too close to the radiator. So you will have something of the beautiful bloom for a long time! Since the orchid feels comfortable in a tropical, humid climate, it is also ideal as a decoration for the bathroom.

Tip: Not a green thumb and afraid that your phalaenopsis will shrink? No problem! Artificial flowers offer the perfect solution. There are now many high-quality processed artificial plants that look deceptively similar to real orchid decoration. Whether as a floral arrangement in a ceramic pot in white or individually decorated in a glass vase – bring the natural beauty into your own home without much effort!

Orchids as table decorations

Thanks to their strong personality and wonderful charisma, orchids can be perfectly decorated on your table. The different flower shapes and the exquisite colors bring a fresh look to your dining or coffee table. Feminine violet or pink tones, which are gently softened by warm nude, make your home appear in a romantic ambience. Decorative elements that shine with golden metal details are the perfect addition. The orchid decoration looks absolutely elegant but simple glass vases. So the focus is only on the colorful blossoms and the flower is an eye-catcher in your four walls. Another nice idea: decorate an arrangement of orchids in a bowl. Combined with wooden elements and candles, the decoration radiates a rustic flair. A bowl made of silver or ceramic is recommended for a more modern look.

Orchid decorations on the table are also particularly suitable for festive occasions such as weddings. And it doesn’t always have to be the classic flowers in white! The floral decoration in pink and red is particularly beautiful. But blue, yellow and purple orchid plants are also suitable for a wedding and are ideal to match the rest of the decoration.

PS: It doesn’t always have to be real flowers for table decorations either. Artificial plants have the advantage that they are easy to care for and therefore very durable, so that they can also be used as decoration for later celebrations.

PS: Discover many more ideas for floral decorations and be inspired by our tips!

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