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Our most beautiful bedside ideas


The bed is still the interior highlight in the bedroom. But what about the bedside table? So far, we have only paid a little attention to the rather inconspicuous piece of furniture. Until now! Because the interior piece next to our bed enhances the whole room nicely and, if properly equipped, even helps to make the room a real place of wellbeing. But does it always have to be a small table? Our interior experts will reveal design options that you have never known before. Bring variety to your interior with our inspiring decoration tips!

Tablets as bedside tables

Who says that a tray is only used in the kitchen? In addition to the bed, the practical tray table also cuts a pretty good figure. And: So your loved one has no excuse on Sunday not to be able to serve you breakfast in bed. After all, the tray table is immediately at hand.

Stool as a bedside table

Simply misuse the pretty stool from the entrance area and use it as a bedside table. Looks cool! So that the stool fits the ambience in your bedroom particularly well, you should stay in a style world. If you like industrial chic, a stool with a trendy vintage look is the ultimate it-piece.

Two bedside tables next to bed with different bedside table decoration

Pile of books next to the bed

You don’t know where to go with all the books that you have already read or maybe even sorted out? If your bookshelf bursts at the seams, then simply use the thick scrolls as a bedside table. That not only sounds fancy, but actually makes something look good. Incidentally, it also works with a large stack of collected magazines. Looks kind of casual!

Pouf as a bedside table

Is your bedroom also your dressing room? Then use your furniture particularly efficiently. If you have little space, you don’t have to put a bedside table in the room. Just grab the existing pouf. With a tray on which you can put your belongings, the seat can be turned into a practical bedside table in no time.

Chair next to the bed

A chair has lost nothing in the bedroom? You bet! Just think about it. A chair can be used as a seat, but also as a bedside table. It could hardly be more practical. It’s best to look around the apartment and try out different chairs next to your bed. If you don’t like it, take the next model or browse directly in the WestwingNow online shop!

Side table duo as bedside tables

People of the same kind stick together! This also applies to this beautiful side table duo, which makes a fabulous bedside table. This is twice as much better and you have enough space to store your current favorite book, handkerchiefs, glasses and much more besides fresh flowers and a candle. It becomes even more stylish if you choose two side tables that complement each other: one delicate, the other robust. A nice difference that makes the visual appeal.

Classic bedside cabinet

For interior lovers who like it simple and timeless, classic bedside cabinets are just perfect. The jewelry offers plenty of space and looks classy ─ to match a simple interior in a modern style. With additional storage space, movable compartments or drawers, you can easily accommodate everything you need for a restful sleep.

We hope we could inspire you with our ideas and hope you enjoy designing your bedroom with matching bedside tables. Your Westwing team!

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