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Our most beautiful decoration ideas: decorate the floor vase


XXL vases that you place on the floor are currently a very popular interior trend. Because the design enchants with a certain lightness. At the same time, floor vases offer an infinite number of possible combinations. And we know them all! If you don’t just want to choose a decoration, then simply design your floor vase again and again, depending on the occasion and season. Our interior experts will of course provide the appropriate suggestions. Let your creativity take over your mind and body!

Decorate floor vase: by design and material

Basically, all vases differ according to:

  • Shape & size
  • Design & color
  • material

Of course, this also applies to the trendy floor vase. Depending on the appearance, you can decorate the home accessory appropriately. Floor vases are usually large, which is why they are particularly suitable for long decorations such as branches. Basically, these types of vases are mostly made of glass or porcelain, but terracotta is also popular with floor vases. We use this versatility and choose very different decorative items. The best way to decorate vases made of terracotta is in the style of Mediterranean chic. Decorating a glass vase, on the other hand, is particularly versatile, all options are open to you. Porcelain is often decorated with patterns, so you should orient yourself here to the existing style.

15 tips and ideas for decorating floor vases

May we introduce: A real gem for your four walls – the floor vase. And with our 15 styling tips and decoration ideas, the it-piece will be much nicer. Let yourself be inspired!

Decorate beautiful flowers in floor vases

Image 4

Nothing fills a room with freshness and vitality more than an elegant bouquet of flowers. In a floor vase, the flowers look twice as stylish. So that the look is immediately convincing, the flowers should be as long-stemmed as possible and not mixed too colorfully. If you don’t have a green thumb or maybe have an allergy, high-quality artificial flowers are also a stylish option. Or you can try our DIY for cool pompom flowers that will make your life easier. Promised!

Decorate the floor vase according to the season

Spring, summer, autumn and winter – every season always has a certain magic at the beginning. Of course, this also applies to the seasonal decoration of your floor vase! In winter, rustic branches can be decorated with berries. In autumn, on the other hand, you can arrange a harmonious ambience with chestnuts, leaves and pumpkins. Summer greets you in advance with shells, sand and stones that you fill into the floor vase. Colorful tulips, moss and small Easter figures, on the other hand, let spring move into your four walls.

Decorate the floor vase for Christmas

Image 12

Jingle bells, jingle bells …! When it comes to Christmas decorations, we immediately rave about it. It is therefore no wonder that we also make our floor vase suitable for X-Mas for decorating the living room. For example, models made of glass can be filled with Christmas tree balls. You can also arrange some artificial snow and Christmas figures in it. If your floor vase is opaque, then balls, figures and a string of lights can be attached to fragrant pine branches. Ho, ho, ho!

Decorate floor vases all year round

If you do not want to adapt the decoration in your floor vase and like to decorate all year round, evergreen branches or dried flowers are highly recommended. Because the latter in particular don’t even need water to survive. Once decorated – you will have something of this flower arrangement forever.

Decorate the glass floor vase

Floor vases made of glass are particularly popular because there are absolutely no limits to creativity. EVERYTHING can be decorated in the floor vase. This is mainly due to the fact that the decorative accessories do not have to be too long to flash out of the vase. Feathers, candles, flowers, stones, small cacti that you plant or branches – everything is allowed here!

Decorate the floor vase according to the occasion

Events such as the baptism of your godchild, the wedding of your best friend or other family celebrations need to be celebrated properly. Everything has to be right here – including the decoration. Whether candles, fresh flowers, stones, grasses or colorful ribbons: glass floor vases can be decorated to suit every occasion. And if the celebration takes place outdoors, the transparent vases are also ideal as a lantern.

Decorate the floor vase with branches and twigs

picture 3

Unfortunately you are not blessed with a green thumb? Does absolutely nothing. Because floor vases made of tinted glass can be decorated in a variety of ways. So the home accessories make something with inconspicuous branches. For more elegance, you can spray the bushes in gold or silver. And as you can see on our inspiration picture, the floor vases are also great for decorating the bathroom!

Decorate the floor vase with pampas grass

Image 6

Who says that floor vases only ever have to be filled with fresh flowers? Because in addition to succulents and cacti, pampas grass is currently a real must for every interior fan. The decorative grass from South America convinces with soft contours, delicate pastel shades and is also extremely easy to care for. So if you don’t necessarily have a green thumb, you can still hit it here with confidence. Whether as a lush bouquet or individually decorated – pampas grass is phenomenal in every floor vase. And: the fronds of pampas grass do not need water and simply last forever.

Decorate the floor vase in the Scandi style

Image 5

Clear shapes, high quality materials and little junk! Floor vases in Scandi chic are a real eye-catcher despite their simplicity and are also fantastic on the dresser. Create a harmonious ambience around the floor vase by using stylish books or pictures as an additional decorative element.

Decorate the floor vase in a retro style

Shrill, colorful and an absolute eye catcher! Retro floor vases literally cry out for attention and they should definitely get it. Organically shaped vases made of smoked glass, which impress with elegance and nostalgia, are very stylish. They are then perfect for decorating pampas grass or individual willow cat branches.

Decorate the floor vase in a rustic country style

Present your rustic floor vase and skillfully stage it with meadow chervil. Lavishly designed vases that harmonize with the country house style can be combined particularly well with green plants. Natural materials are generally a must here and therefore your floor vase should be made of glass, ceramic or earthenware.

Decorate the floor vase in a minimalistic way

picture 2

Good news for all minimalists: Floor vases are a nice highlight in your interior, even without decoration. If you still want to decorate the home accessory a little, individual dried flowers in a ceramic or earthenware floor vase will look wonderful. A branch of eucalyptus in a geometrically shaped glass floor vase looks just as wonderful.

Decorate the floor vase romantically

picture 2

Do you love delicate colors? Pink, pink, white and pastel tones are everywhere in your interior? Then our DIY floral decoration made of roses and dahlias fits perfectly with your glass or ceramic floor vase. Conjure up a romantic look and bring a touch of freshness to your four walls. In the video, our interior experts show you how to put together a beautiful bouquet of fresh roses and dahlias. So you can give your room a very special touch.

Arrange several floor vases decoratively

Image 1

A floor vase rarely comes alone! Take advantage of these statement pieces and arrange several floor vases side by side. In order to create a harmonious overall appearance, you should set up vases in different sizes, shapes and colors. But make sure that all floor vases of the style fit together.

Buy floor vases decoration online at Westwing

Whether elegantly or rustically staged – our must-have for your decoration is a floor vase that integrates stylishly into your interior. With fresh flowers you give the it-piece a cheerful chic that fits perfectly in spring and summer. Evergreen shrubs look particularly great in your floor vase in autumn and winter. How convenient that you can find a nice selection of floor vases in the online shop at WestwingNow. Simply click through our range from the comfort of your sofa and secure your new favorite. We hope you enjoy browsing, shopping and decorating!

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