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Painting flower pots: tips & the most beautiful upcycling ideas!


Are your flower pots ready for spring and summer? If you only find old or boring models at home, we now have the right DIY project for you: painting flower pots! The monotonous cachepots become an individual decorative object for your garden or balcony – and you are guaranteed to get in the summer mood! Let yourself be convinced and conjure up stylish and colorful flower pots with our simple step-by-step instructions. We’ll also tell you which colors are best for painting pots made of terracotta, metal or clay. Have fun doing handicrafts!

Which color is suitable for painting flower pots?

  • For pots out Clay or terracotta are suitable Acrylic paint or Acrylic varnish especially good. Acrylic varnish looks a little more elegant. Both variants adhere very well to the more porous surfaces and are even waterproof after drying. So the painted flower pots are ready to be used outdoors!
  • The same basically applies to glazed ceramic pots also for Metal flower pots. Sometimes, however, the acrylic paints do not adhere as well to the smooth surfaces. It is therefore important that you always clean the pots before painting and dry them well.
  • They are also suitable as an alternative to glazed ceramic pots Porcelain brush pens. With these you can also design individual lettering on the pots.
  • You can also use metal surfaces Permanent marker that are fixed with a water-based clear varnish.
  • You get a velvety look on terracotta pots if you use them instead Chalk colors deploy. Also a great idea: you can easily help design a clay pot Table lacquerto write on it with chalk later!

Note: If in doubt, always take another look at the manufacturer’s information! In this way you will find out with certainty which materials your colors are suitable for.

DIY: paint flower pots and decorate with gold leaf

Would you like to give old pots a fresh, spring-like look? Then this upcycling is just right for you! In just three simple steps you can beautify the flower pots Pastel colors and gold leaf. Tones such as light yellow, mint green, lilac, light blue or pink are particularly beautiful. Basically, however, there are no limits to your creativity!

You need these utensils for the DIY flower pots:

  • Spray paint
  • Plant pots
  • brush
  • plants
  • Masking tape
  • Application milk
  • Gold leaf

Instructions: Paint clay pots with graphic patterns

  1. Paint the flower pot

    First you should spray the flower pot on both sides with the paint and let it dry.

  2. Set pattern

    In the next step you mark graphic shapes in a design according to your taste with masking tape. Then apply the insert milk and let it dry for 10 minutes.

  3. Decorate with gold leaf

    Now carefully apply the gold leaf. With the gold in place, all you need to do is remove the masking tape. Now plant the flower pot with plants of your choice!

Extra tip: Your beautiful new pots are also great as a stylish decoration for Easter!

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