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Palm decoration: the new interior trend


Not only do they look beautiful, they bring the perfect freshness to any home furnishings: palm trees. Whether as opulent plants that give the room more liveliness or as a pretty decorative element for a summery accent in your favorite room.

On the festively laid table, at the next garden party or in style on the sofa: palm tree decoration lets us indulge in the last holiday memories. Relaxed South Sea feeling included!

Would you like to give your four walls a stylish upgrade with the decorative home accessories in a palm look? Then here are a few helpful tips from our interior experts. We will tell you how to perfectly equip your home so that a Caribbean feeling can move in with you. Have fun!

Palm plant as decoration in the room

Palm trees conquer our four walls not only in the form of exotic home accessories, but also as a plant. Regardless of whether it’s a real palm tree or an artificial variant, the fresh evergreen has a lively effect and is the icing on the cake of your modern decor. A palm plant looks particularly beautiful as a decoration in your living room or bedroom if you combine the green with white textiles. Natural materials such as wood, bast or rattan are just as great, giving a touch of Mediterranean lifestyle to your four walls. The plants also contribute to a relaxed living environment and act like natural air filters. Perfect for the domestic urban jungle!

Textiles as decoration with a palm tree motif

Soft decorative pillows with a palm tree motif give your home a special atmosphere. This allows your sofa to be stylishly designed with a jungle feeling. Patterned decorative pillows become a visual highlight when you combine the textiles in the complementary color to your couch. The green palm leaves form a nice contrast to saffron or mustard yellow. The white background of the pillows give the look a fresh and summery look.

Green is a trend – also in the bedroom or dining area! As a decorative element, palm leaves are very popular on bed linen, table runners and table sets. Bring home the jungle with the patterned textiles. In combination with shiny decoration, the green motifs look particularly good on your table. Golden vases, lights or candle holders are also the perfect addition to the jungle design.

Dishes & napkins with a palm tree motif

Your next garden party is about to start? Then keep the decoration in the motto of the exotic palm leaves. Snacks can be served in a humorous and modern way on plates with a palm tree motif. Matching napkins are too beautiful to be used, but they skillfully round off the look. Or how about breakfast with patterned dishes in the style of the Caribbean plants? These It-Pieces keep you in a good mood even with the biggest morning muffle.

Wallpaper with palm tree motif

To stylishly complete the home rainforest in your four walls, the matching wallpaper with palm tree motif is a cool must-have. Give your room a fresh and wild look.

Original non-woven wallpapers can be processed comfortably. To give your home a great accent, you can embellish the wall in the living room behind your sofa with a photo wallpaper in the rainforest look. Stylish, elegant and absolutely hip! You can find a nice selection of wallpapers with a palm tree motif at WestwingNow.

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