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Pampas grass drying: We explain how!


The seasonal Interior-Makeover-posts on Instagram prove that the pampas grass-decoration-arrived Trend in almost every living room. The seedlings of desire makes the otherwise hyped cacti, succulents and Monsteras clearly competition. No Wonder! Finally, the pampas grass does not need extra care and keeps virtually forever. The Ornamental plant is a Must for all Interior Fans, and with a few handles, it’s easy in a scene. Also, we cannot dispense with the beautiful pompom and have everything you need to know about pampas grass together. Also you can give your four walls with the delicate plants on the finishing touches and let the DIY tips for pampas grass drying & decorating inspired!

Pampas grass drying: manual

You do not want to buy dried pampas grass, but self-creative,
fresh fronds to dry in the home easily.

it’s so easy:

  1. Your pampas flowers grass in the garden,
    you should remove as many Straws as you need for the decoration.
  2. About cut the fronds to short
    the floor.
  3. Now the Grass is cut
    upside-down hang to Dry. Perfectly is suitable for this, by the way
    dry and shady spot Outdoors.
  4. The pampas grass should be at least
    a week to be left in peace. Then, it is so dry, that it is in
    a Vase can decorate.
Pampas grass dried in the Vase on the table

The proper care for dried pampas grass: Our best tips

The Best thing about pampas grass? The pompom will not only look wonderful, fluffy, dried pampas fronds actually need no maintenance. If you have any questions: so How long dried pampas grass? For always.

So the joy lasts at least as long, you should from time to time over wipe or dust say! Otherwise, the Ornamental plant can quickly become a dust catcher.

Small Tip: The pompom splendor not to fluff too much, the fronds in front of the door neatly shake, and then gently with hair spray.

The most beautiful decoration ideas with dried pampas grass

Whether classic in cream, pastel Pink or a delicate White – and- dried pampas grass is just always a nice Eyecatcher. You can use Ornamental as a great eye-catcher in a minimalist Interior or a combination of scented candles and pictures. With its feminine Touch the fronds exude a slight Vintage character. The question is: What fits to dried pampas grass? So, quite simply, much of the answer. Browse for the suitable decoration idea quite simply in the great Styling tips from our residential experts!

1. Cozy charm in the bedroom

Dried pampas grass in the bedroom on night table

Fresh flowers what are Great, however, not suitable for everyone. Because especially in the bedroom, the flowery scent can be often bothersome. If you do not want to dispense with a natural Flair, is dried pampas grass simply gorgeous. Short fronds, which are draped in a glass Vase on the bedside table, give your bedroom instant warmth and coziness.

2. Natural Flair in the living room

Pampas grass on the living room table

In the
the bright living room on the coffee table in natural-coloured pampas fronds come in a
round ceramic vase to particularly good effect. The purist Look convinced
all along the line and Comfortable in spite of its straightforwardness, something very.

3. In the combination

Pampas grass on a chest of drawers

the chest of drawers in the entrance area of the transparent Vase with pampas grass is to the
a stylish eye-catcher, if you combine it with other ornamental plants.
Particularly good branches and flowers, which were also dried are suitable.
So save yourself in any case, the care and the Arrangement and holds the
and holds.

4. Mediterranean Flair in the garden

Pampas grass in the garden

Pampas grass drying, not only within their four walls sense, also Outdoor in the garden, on the balcony or on the terrace of the fluffy Stalks for a Mediterranean holiday feeling. Make, by the way, very nice in the Mix with textiles made from natural fibers such as cotton, linen, Jute, or Sisal.

The most beautiful vases & buckets for dried pampas grass

To harmonize the fluffy and mostly bright pampas grass fronds, especially vases and containers made of ceramic, porcelain or glass. If you can put the vessel on the floor or on the table, depends on the length of the stems. XXL-pampas grass, especially in a large floor vase a true eye-catcher. In the shop at WestwingNow you will find an exclusive selection of beautiful vases and pots, make perfect to of dried pampas grass. Search and find your new favorite pieces!

Dried pampas grass buy

ask yourself: Where can you buy dried pampas grass? We know it. The
fluffy pompom can be purchase online. The South American
Ziergras blooms from August to November, so your four walls, at the latest
in the autumn, with freshly dried pampas grass beautify. Browse
your florist around the corner. You may even have luck and
Your Florist can instruct Pampasgwedel on the wholesale market to
find. We are pleased total with the pusch leagues in the cosy Wag
To hot season at home welcome. With pampas grass in the
Summer is quite fabulous in a big floor vase on the balcony or the
Terrace makes.

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