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Peony decoration – the interior trend


From May onwards, the whole world of flowers turns upside down, because the peonies begin to bloom. In spring and summer we enjoy the bright colors of the peony again and again. Whether individually in a vase or decorative in a bouquet of flowers for a special occasion ─ Peonies are a sought-after accessory due to their look alone, which has blossomed into a cool it piece. No wonder! Noble peony decoration heralds early summer with its colorful flowers. Find out more about the current decoration trend in our style guide and be inspired by the styling ideas of our living experts! With helpful tips and tricks, you can also easily extend the shelf life of the blooming beauty.

What are peonies?

Although the name suggests, the peony, which incidentally belongs to the Paeoniaceae family, is not related to the classic rose. The beautiful plant originally comes from China and was brought to Europe in 1785. There are more facts about the plant here:

  • Fact 1: In China and Japan, peony is highly valued in traditional medicine. As a symbol for love, a happy life and health, it has many fans today, especially in the European and North American countries.
  • Fact 2: It’s hard to believe: There are around 3,000 peonies in many different colors worldwide. From milk white to sunny yellow, delicate rose to purple ot the flowers attract everyone’s attention.
  • Fact 3: The plant is particularly suitable as a cut flower. It gives a modern touch in a simple style a vital touch. In noble vases, it becomes an absolute eye-catcher for your decoration.
  • Fact 4: Due to its variety of colors, the peony reflects a happy attitude to life.
  • Fact 5: The intense, sweet fragrance makes the flower very popular with her followers.

Questions about care

Colorful peonies are the messengers of early summer and with the right care, the beautiful flowers will survive even very warm temperatures. So that you can enjoy your fresh peony decoration for a long time, you should note a few things. Our experts will tell you how to stage the flowers freshly and gracefully at the same time.

Depending on the weather, the peonies bloom from the beginning of May. In cooler regions, the petals open from late May / early June. Yellow, orange, red or pink ─ the peony blooms well into June. In some cases you can still get lush peonies from your florist in July.

If you want to upgrade your garden with the fragrant flowers, you should start planting in autumn. The right point of view is crucial for the roses to develop well. It is best to choose a place that is sunny, nutritious and loamy. In addition, do not plant the plant too deep – up to four centimeters are sufficient. Flowers develop best when they are not transplanted.

The separation of the flower stems has a positive effect on the durability of the plants. Before placing the flowers in the vase, you should shorten the stems by about five centimeters with a sharp knife. We recommend cutting the peonies again every two to three days and changing the water regularly.

If you have peonies in your garden, you should cut the flowers after flowering (around the end of June). This will prevent seed formation. For this, the flower is removed together with the stem. Then lightly fertilize the plant. If you want to multiply your flower, you can leave two to three flowers. The seeds that are then formed are sufficient for renewed sowing.

Peony decoration: the most beautiful ideas

The large variety of colors makes decorating with peonies a colorful party. Pink flowers are particularly beautiful when it comes to smooth materials such as metal, porcelain or ceramics. Even angular, geometric patterns in black and white appear playful due to pastel tones and can therefore be easily integrated into the decoration.

Peonies as a table decoration

Whether for a little coffee on the coffee table, as a pure decorative element on the side table or pompous in the middle of the dining table: peony decoration cuts a pretty good figure for any occasion. In the vase, the flowers look fresh and graceful at the same time. The beauties of early summer exude exuberance in all rooms of your home, no matter where! If you want to enjoy a cheerful bouquet of peonies, you can also decorate in two colors. But the flowers also look good individually. In a simple glass vase, the pompous plants are an absolute eye-catcher. PS: They are also optimally staged on furniture, the windowsill and the like.

Tip: Peonies are spring flowers and bloom the most between May and June. Anyone who does not want to do without the beautiful decoration in winter is well served with artificial flowers. Artificial plants now look deceptively similar to their real counterparts and are particularly suitable for those with a red thumb.

Wedding with peonies decoration

Oh, how romantic! No wonder that peonies are one of the most popular spring wedding flowers. With their plush flower shape, they conjure up a cute highlight in your wedding decoration in no time – including vintage flair! The voluminous flowers are particularly beautiful as a bridal bouquet. In a lush bouquet, the roses provide an exciting accent, especially if they come in a delicate color like pink. The bridal bouquet, on the other hand, becomes very noble if it consists only of peonies. Flowers in white have a very special charm here and are made to shine in combination with eucalyptus leaves.

When it comes to table decorations, flower arrangements or bouquets are ideal arrangements for wedding decorations. The perfect combination partners are lilies, roses and the delicate gypsophila. To round off the look, you can also decorate the wedding cake with the flowers. If you also match the rest of the decoration such as napkins, candles etc. to the flower decoration, you will create a harmonious overall picture.

DIY peony decoration for the wedding

So peonies last forever

If the following tips are followed, peonies can shine in their full glory for up to ten days.

  1. Always use a clean vase and add cut flower food to lukewarm water if necessary.
  2. Cut off about 3-5 cm of the stem with a sharp knife. In addition, you should also remove the lower leaves of the flower so that they do not swim in the water.
  3. A little hint: If the flower nectar holds the buds together, simply pour a little lukewarm water over them. This allows the flower to open more easily.
  4. Peonies do not like direct sun, no draft and should not be placed next to a filled fruit basket.

We hope you enjoy decorating with peonies – your Westwing team!

PS: No matter whether for a wedding, Easter or birthday – floral decorations will upgrade any decoration in no time! Discover many more ideas and be inspired by our tips!

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