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Pimp your bike! Decorate, decorate & paint the bike


Spring is just around the corner! Finally the weather invites us to spend a lot of time on our bikes instead of in the bus or car. Cycling is not only fun, it also gets your circulation going! Looking for more motivation? A real spring feeling is guaranteed when you decorate, decorate, paint or prettify your bike in any other way. We will therefore reveal the best tips and tricks to you, with which you can look forward to the next tour with your new piece of jewelery!

A real eye-catcher: flower decorations for your bike

You can’t get more spring feeling! With flower garlands on the bike handlebars, artificial flowers on the luggage rack or great potted flowers in the bike basket, you definitely won’t go wrong. This chic garden-style bicycle decoration is also quick and easy to implement.

If you rely on real flowers and thus on pure nature, you must of course not forget to water them regularly. The advantage of artificial flowers: This flower garland on your bike is guaranteed never to wither and gives you a flowery mood for a long time on every ride.

Colorful ribbons are a nice addition to the flower decoration. Simply braid them in the garland or on your bike basket. Whether monochrome or strikingly colorful: there are no limits to your imagination. However, it is advisable not to completely fill the bicycle basket with flowers. In addition to an enchanting look, you still have enough space for your purchases.

Danger: No matter how you decorate your bicycles: Make absolutely sure that your bike remains roadworthy! The decorative items should not endanger you or others.

If you are not a fan of flower power, other decorative items are of course also a good choice! So how about brightly colored wool pompons or beautifully patterned pennants on your raffia basket? As long as the elements are properly attached, you can decorate however you want.

Painting your bike: instructions and DIY tips

Sprucing up your bike can be so easy: The best way and first step in any redesign is color! Repainting the frame can work wonders for the look of your bike. Pastel and neon colors in particular attract everyone’s attention – but white can also be a good start for a summery look.

This is what you need to repaint your bike

  • Sandpaper
  • Primer paint
  • Colored paint
  • Clear coat
  • Detergents and utensils
  • Disassembly tool

Instructions: paint the bike properly

  1. Clean the bike

    The bike frame should be as clean as possible. Remove any impurities with alcohol and a lint-free cloth. Unevenness can be leveled with sandpaper. Old stickers and stickers must also be removed before painting.

  2. Disassemble the bike

    Now you will also need to use the tool to dismantle any parts that are not meant to be painted. It is best to label screws and other small parts!

  3. Remove old paint

    Then it’s the old paint on the collar. Use the sandpaper to work on the entire frame until a smooth surface is created without varnish.

  4. Apply primer

    For priming and painting it is best to hang the frame, for example on a tree, because this way all sides can be sprayed evenly. You now have to spray the primer paint properly all over the frame and then let it dry for about 24 hours.

  5. Spray on colored varnish

    The next day, lightly sand the new lacquer again and now start spraying on the colored lacquer (several coats may be necessary). Again, you have to wait some time before you can continue decorating with your bike.

  6. Apply clear lacquer

    Then lightly sand the new coat of paint again and finally apply a clear coat to the wheel.

  7. Reassemble the bike

    Finally, assemble the whole bike again, if you don’t want to make further embellishments to the bike.

Extra tip: Shouldn’t it be a permanent solution? Then give it a try with bicycle film! This can be easily removed again and offers you designs that are difficult to implement yourself.

Decorate the bike with patterns and several colors

Now your bike has a new, single color paint job – still not pretty enough? Then use two or more colors when painting and tape the areas on the frame as you imagine. A great way to add a little more life to your bike is with a pretty pattern: you can polka-dot the entire frame or hand-paint a floral pattern.

An animal fur pattern, such as a zebra look, would be a real eye-catcher for your bike. If you want to make it easy for yourself, you can use so-called washi tape instead of painting. The brightly patterned adhesive tape can be attached anywhere on the frame, preferably in a variety of patterns and colors – this is how your bike looks really happy!

More tips for painting your bike

  1. Testing is above studying! If you have the chance, it’s best to try your color on an old bike. That protects against nasty surprises.
  2. You should also pay attention to the quality of your paint! Spraypaint cans with lower pressure distribute the paint more slowly and more evenly.
  3. Wear protective clothing and gloves when painting!

Creative DIY idea: decorate knitting for your bike

Your bike has tremendous decoration potential and is just waiting to be decorated for summer by you. Why not show what you can do with handicrafts in public! If you are talented at crafting, the knitting trend is definitely your thing. Similar to guerrilla knitting, unpleasant metal parts on bicycles are decorated with colorfully knitted fabrics. For example, you can temporarily redesign your frame or individual spokes.

Your bicycle saddle, handlebars or bell are not spared either. A hand-knitted saddle cover in bright colors protects against rain and puts you in a good mood at the same time. If you want more storage space on your bike, you can make a handlebar bag. So you can determine the design and shape and at the same time skillfully pimp your vehicle.

Tip: Such a self-knitted accessory is sure to be a great gift for Easter!

Decorate your bike with accessories

Just as your home can be spruced up with home accessories, the right accessories can also bring a breath of fresh air to your bike. Decorating your bike is easy! There are countless accessories for bicycles:

  • How about a new, stylish bicycle basket made of wicker or metal?
  • Battery-operated LED fairy lights create a very special look. You can simply attach these to the handlebars or along the entire frame.
  • So-called streamers are only known from children’s bikes, but why shouldn’t the colorful tassels on the handlebars give a chic city bike a certain whistle?
  • A saddle cover is the highlight of every bicycle decoration. No matter whether you are crocheting or sewing a cover yourself or buying a great model – the saddle covers are guaranteed to look chic.

Recycle your bike: bike as a garden decoration

Wooden bicycle basket with flowers

Another form of bicycle decoration is to use the bicycle itself as a decoration. For example, do you have a bike from the 80s that is no longer easy to ride? Equipped with a basket at the front and back, this is ideal as a chic garden decoration.

Plant flowers of your choice in both baskets. And let ivy or rose tendrils grow around the bike frame. Your old bike will become a unique eye-catcher in your garden in no time. Let yourself be enchanted by this romantic dream!

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