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Pimp your bike! Nice bike decoration


Finally, the weather invites you to spend a lot of time on your bike instead of in the bus or car. Cycling gets your circulation going and makes you fitter. Motivate yourself to stick with cycling. So that it doesn’t get boring over time, it is a good idea to decorate your bike with bike decoration. So you can look forward to the next tour with your new piece of jewelry.

We at Westwing love nature and like to go by bike. What else gives us more reason to try our leisure vehicle creatively. Bicycle, decoration and design are our best friend. And that’s why we chat for you out of the sewing box. We will give you tips and tricks that will make every spin on your bike an absolute hit.

Knitting for the bike

Your bike has an enormous decorative potential and is just waiting to be embellished by you in summer. Why not publicly show what you can do creatively! If you are talented by hand, the knitting trend is definitely your thing. Similar to guerrilla knitting, unpleasant metal parts on bicycles are decorated with colorful knitted fabrics. For example, you can temporarily redesign your frame or individual spokes.

Your bicycle saddle, handlebar or bell are not spared either. A hand-knitted saddle cover in bright colors protects against rain and at the same time puts you in a good mood. If you want more storage space on your bike, you can decide to sew a handlebar bag. So you can determine design and shape and at the same time skillfully pimp your vehicle.

The eyecatcher bike basket

Bicycle decoration in the garden style? Sure, of course! With pretty artificial flowers, for example, you can easily and quickly decorate your bicycle basket. This flower garland on your bike will never wither and will give you a floral mood on every ride. Would you prefer to keep your individual ornament simple with plain flowers and ribbons? Or have it really striking with a colorful mix of colors? There are no limits to your ideas. It is recommended not to fill the bicycle basket completely with flowers. It is better to fix these on the outside with colored ribbons. In addition to an enchanting look, you still have enough space for your shopping or other transport items.

If you are not an advocate of flower power, other decorative items are of course also a good choice! So how about colorful pompons of wool or beautifully patterned pennants on your raffia basket? As long as the elements are properly attached, you can decorate as you wish.

Important tips for painting the bicycle frame

Another suggestion for the bike decoration is to paint the bike with spring colors, such as opaque pastel shades. This gives you the feeling of having something new again. And can really put you in a good mood! We show you what you should consider here:

  • Tip 1: The bike frame should be as clean as possible. Remove impurities with alcohol and a lint-free cloth. Unevenness can level with sandpaper. Old stickers and decals on your bike must also be removed before painting.
  • Tip 2: To ensure that you only paint the intended areas, you should tear off your frame with suitable tape. If you secure your bike from unwanted movements, you can apply your paint more regularly.
  • Tip 3: You should also pay attention to the quality of your paint! Spraypaint cans with lower pressure distribute the paint more slowly and evenly.
  • Tip 4: Testing is above studying! If you have the opportunity, it’s a good idea to try your color on an old bike. This protects against nasty surprises.

Of course you can decorate your bike completely in one color. If you want to show courage, you can combine different tones. Shouldn’t it be a permanent solution? Then try out bicycle film! This can be easily removed again and offers you designs that are difficult to implement themselves.

Recycle your bike: bike decoration with a difference

Bicycle wooden basket with flowers

Another form of bicycle decoration is to use the bicycle as a decoration. For example, do you have a bike from the 80s that is no longer easy to ride? Equipped with a basket at the front and back, it is ideal as a decoration for the garden. Plant flowers of your choice in both baskets. And let ivy or rose tendrils grow around the bike rack. Thanks to the bicycle decoration, your old bike becomes a unique eye-catcher in your garden. Let yourself be enchanted by this romantic dream.

The sun is shining, the temperatures are pleasant – just the right weather for cycling. Whether a short jaunt in the park, a nice day trip or a summer bike ride in the country. There is nothing better on a day off! What really makes your bike trip a highlight is a stylish bike decoration. Bicycle decoration is easy and there are no limits to your imagination. Get creative and turn your vehicle into a real eye catcher.

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