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Rose decoration – the interior trend


If there is a flower that really always works and creates the right mood for every occasion, it is roses. They not only stand for love, but also have a very complex symbolism. Depending on the color of the flower, the rose can express different moods and values. Basically, roses stand for time and eternity. Give your home ambience a stylish upgrade with a lush rose bouquet or individual flowers in the vase. We hope that you like the styling ideas of our interior experts. Let yourself be inspired by the great tips for decorating roses!

What are roses?

  • Fact 1: The wild rose originates in China. Their natural growth extends across the northern hemisphere from China across the Middle and Middle East to Europe.
  • Fact 2: There are around 30,000 different types of roses worldwide. This is due to the fact that over time, more and more varieties have arisen through breeding and different crosses.
  • Fact 3: There are even types of roses that not only have flowers, but many small ones. The so-called spray rose is a bed rose and small shrub rose. It carries entire bunches of flowers, so that many small flowers can be seen on a stem.
  • Fact 4: About 5,000 years ago, the rose was considered a simple food in China before it was appreciated for its beauty and seductive fragrance.
  • Fact 5: The rose is considered the queen of flowers. To this day it stands for pure beauty and grace, for innocence or passion, for devotion and happiness.

Questions about care

Hardly any other flower is as popular as the rose. It has something magical, so we should take good care of it to keep its magic.

The best time to cut roses in the garden is from late March to early April. As soon as the forsythia blooms outside in spring, you should use sharp secateurs. Bring your colorful shrubs in a spring mood and trim the individual tufts. The following applies to roses in a vase: Before you put the flowers in fresh water, use scissors to shorten a piece of about two centimeters from the stem.

When your flowers bloom depends on which genus you have in the garden. Roses bloom in our climes from the beginning of May to the end of September. Rose hip and some other types of roses bloom even until the first frost. However, these should definitely be made winterproof.

You shouldn’t just throw away a pretty bouquet of roses, but dry it. So you have something of the beautiful flowers almost forever and can decorate your four walls with it.
To make the rose heads easier to dry, the rose petals should be slightly open. Cut the stems a few centimeters and place them in a water-glycerine mixture for a day or two. Then hang the roses upside down in a dry, airy and dark place for two weeks and let them air dry. To prevent your dried rose heads from crumbling so quickly, you can spray them with hairspray or clear coat.

So that you can enjoy the pleasant scent and wonderful colors of your rose heads for many days, you should clean the vase thoroughly before use. This ensures that it is free of bacteria. Also make sure that no leaves hang in the water. This should be changed daily and the roses cut at the same time.

To make your roses last even longer, you can dry or preserve them. Glycerin is very suitable for the latter. Do the same as drying, but leave out hanging and spraying with hair lacquer. The entire preservation process can take two to three days. As soon as small drops form on the flower, this is a good indicator to stop the preservation.

Which plants go well with roses?

In a colorfully mixed bouquet of flowers, elegant rose companions provide a beautiful contrast. If you want to be on the safe side, choose evergreen branches for your roses. The strong color is an enrichment for the look. Plants with a slightly different flower shape bring a fresh breeze into your bouquet of roses. Gypsophila or ornamental shrubs harmonize wonderfully here. In addition to the rose bed, geranium is ideal for the garden. The blue-violet flowers can be combined with all rose colors.

Rose decoration in white

White roses are a symbol of innocence, purity, loyalty or renunciation. Because of their broad meaning, white roses are suitable as a beautiful gift for birth, but they also serve as an expression of admiration and longing. The stylish flowers in a simple look stand for a fresh start, but also for a farewell. That is why the plants are often placed at the grave at funerals.

Would you like to bring a fresh mood to your four walls with white roses? The flowers look particularly beautiful in combination with green and clear decorative elements made of metal, ceramic or glass. The flowers in white are also very popular as a bridal bouquet or decoration at the wedding. But be careful: closed white rose heads symbolize closed hearts and the inability to love. So make sure that the rose buds are open.

Romance with red roses

The classic: red roses. Even laypeople know the symbolism of this unique plant. Red roses have always stood for love and romance, but especially for passion. No other flower expresses “I love you” as unmistakably as the red rose. So why not make yourself happy and express your admiration with a bouquet of red roses? On the side table next to the sofa, the red rose splendor not only looks very gallant, but also exudes its lovely fragrance throughout the living room. Wonderful!

Magically delicate: pink rose decoration

Pink roses are also particularly beautiful. The feminine color stands for youth and beauty. In addition, bright rose petals in pink symbolize respect and a slightly darker shade expresses gratitude and appreciation. The perfect gift if you just want to say “thank you” to a loved one and give yourself a little treat. Maybe you are just such a person and can look forward to pink roses.

Dried roses decoration

Even if you take care of your beautiful bouquet of roses, after about 10 to 14 days the flowers will slowly lose their color. That makes us really sad every time. With dried or preserved roses, the floral jewelry can even last for several years. At the time of their most beautiful bloom, the roses are preserved in a special, gentle process. This maintains their full naturalness and they remain as beautiful as on the first day. Incidentally, this is also a perfect gift for a birthday, Mother’s Day or in between. Because roses always go!

DIY: just make your own rose decoration

Whether for a festive occasion such as a wedding or as an everyday decoration at home – roses can be easily decorated yourself and become an eye catcher in no time. Arranged especially as floral arrangements or simply in a vase, they are ideally suited as table decorations.

If you want to design a rose arrangement yourself, you can use a plug-in mass to help you. The dornthorn and obliquely cut rose stems are inserted into this. Individual flowers with long stems are particularly beautiful for an elegant rose decoration in the vase. Fresh rose petals are also popular and skilfully round off the table decorations, especially on festive occasions. If you match napkins, candles, etc., you will create a harmonious overall picture.

Tip: If you want to have something from your rose decoration for longer, you are well served with artificial flowers. Artificial rose buttons or silk flowers are available in high-quality versions and look confusingly similar to your ephemeral models.

Further inspirations for rose decoration

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