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Rustic charm with decorative wine boxes


Vintage pieces of furniture from old wine boxes are currently very popular, but rarely save money. You can easily make interior pieces out of wine boxes yourself. Creative skills and fun with DIY projects are the perfect prerequisites for designing a stylish wine box decoration for your own four walls. Because wine boxes are more than just conventional wooden boxes. Great decorative pieces can be conjured up from the robust objects. Upcycling was really successful!

Our living experts have put together great tips and will tell you how ideally a wine box can be integrated into your decoration. Let yourself be inspired!

All-rounder! You can use the wine box as a decoration

  • Wine boxes are real all-rounders. As a wall shelf, they offer enough storage space to stylishly put decorative individual items or other decorative elements in the right light.
  • In combination with a glass plate, a wine table can be turned into a practical table with a multifunctional storage surface. Whether next to the bed with a desk lamp or as a side table next to the sofa with your favorite vase, it will be stylish in any case.
  • Combined with white decoration, natural wine boxes look particularly effective. Stacked without gaps, wine boxes as a shelf make a pretty neat impression. It gets cool when you combine the boxes in landscape and portrait format.
  • With a little manual skill, wine boxes can be provided with stilts and thus made into trendy one-offs. Perfect for your favorite brows!
  • Present your most beautiful decorative treasures in a charming wine box, whether on the wall or on the floor. Because the casual look is convincing.

Out of the box: The wine box in the outdoor area

Urban gardening is currently the undisputed trend when it comes to plants on the balcony or terrace. Of course, the delicate plants are not arranged in any terracotta planter, but in stylish wine boxes. These pieces of jewelry are ideal for placing plants in them. Wine boxes on the balcony also cut a good figure as seating. Equipped with a comfortable decorative pillow, it becomes even more comfortable. As a wine box table, the lantern can be staged fabulously. Or for a practical shelf, you can simply stack several wine boxes on top of each other. Since the wine boxes inspire with a rustic charm, treatment with lacquer is not absolutely necessary. The coarse character of the wine boxes is often lost here when the material is refreshed with an oil.

Aiming high: Attach the wine box to the wall

Whether natural, painted white, across or up – wine boxes always cut a good figure on the wall. Then once you have assembled them correctly. Our interior experts will tell you step by step how to attach your wine boxes to the wall. This is how you create a cool eye-catcher in your home.

What you need:

  • A drilling machine
  • Dowels
  • Screws
  • Wine box (s)
  • A spirit level
  • A pencil
  • A tape measure

Here’s how it works:

  1. Measure the distances you need to attach the wine boxes and draw a mark on the wall.
  2. If you want to be on the safe side, you can use a current detector at the appropriate point to measure whether power lines are hidden here.
  3. If not, you can now drill the holes in the wall with the drill.
  4. Then repeat these three processes for all the wine boxes you want to attach.
  5. With the help of suitable dowels and suitable screws you can now mount the wine boxes. Finished!
  6. Now comes the most beautiful to-do: decorate! Use your wine boxes on the wall for a practical purpose or for your most beautiful decorative pieces. In the bathroom, toilet paper rolls or towels can be stylishly arranged.
  7. By the way, white lacquered wine boxes look particularly nice in combination with pastel wall colors.

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