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Seashells as decoration – the new trend


Summer, sun and the sound of the sea – we think of pure nature and holidays when we think of stylish shell decorations. The perfect solution for our facility when we are really ready for a vacation again. The shell decoration is also extremely popular for maritime weddings! We will tell you how to decorate with seashells and how to integrate them into every room at home. Have fun getting inspired!

Real seashells for decoration – the most beautiful DIY ideas

Of course, real mussels, which you brought with you from your last vacation, come first in this living trend. Don’t let them disappear in a souvenir box, but simply turn the small souvenirs into the perfect shell decoration! By the way, you can also buy decorative shells!

If you have many small and large specimens, you can display them perfectly in a glass vase or sun glass, for example. Or you can make a wild mussel mix and combine snails and maybe a starfish with it. The ideal highlight for every table decoration! By the way, napkins with seashells are also popular here!

Or do you want to make something beautiful with just a few accessories? Then grab a hot glue gun and decorate candle holders, candles, picture frames or vases with your seashells. You can give old accessories a new look in no time at all.

Wall objects made of shells and wood, especially driftwood, are currently in great demand. These two materials make the ultimate summer look, especially in the shape of a wreath.

Shell decoration: the motifs conquer our home

The latest trend in the interior area – shells! But don’t worry, you don’t have to look out for the best models every time you go to the beach. This new trend can also find a place in your home in the form of soft home textiles.

Simply match your choice of these new pieces to the colors already used in the facility. So you can be absolutely sure that this trend will also be perfectly integrated into your styling. And you can’t go wrong with these favorite pieces:

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Maritime shell pillows for cozy hours

What we especially love at the moment: cushions in the shape of a shell. For example, if you just want to give your sofa a little makeover, you have found exactly the right product here. Thanks to the unusual shape, you immediately create an eye-catcher in the living room, which is also cuddly soft. What more do you want?

Trend accessory: decorative shell as a shell

And you have certainly already spotted this trend at one point or another: small bowls in the shape of a shell. And the best thing about these little pieces of jewelry is that they can be used for many different uses.

You can serve your dips or small snacks perfectly on the dining table. And thanks to the stylish shell shape, we also have the feeling of being in a Mediterranean restaurant right on the coast!

Or you can use this shell accessory in the entrance area on the dresser or sideboard. Small items such as keys, jewelry or some change have found the ideal place to keep them.

Maritime furnishings: cool home accessories for the seashell decoration

So that the rest of your apartment is not spared this look, we have put together the right accessories for every room. Whether a stylish mirror in the shape of a shell, a vase for fresh flowers or the maritime pendant lamp. Let this decoration inspire you to come up with completely new ideas.

Extra tip: even apartments that are not otherwise decorated in a Mediterranean or maritime look can integrate these home accessories. Simply choose materials and colors that match your interior. In this way you only create small accents that make your styling special and individual.

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