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Small but nice: what the Hoptimist is all about


The principle of the Hoptimist is simple, but extremely ingenious: the design classics from Denmark have stood for pure joie de vivre since the 1950s. In 2009, the makers succeeded in a new edition that took the hearts of interior fans by storm. Incidentally, the little guy was invented by Gustav Ehrenreich, a Danish furniture designer. The original is made of wood and perfectly embodies the simple principle of operation. The spring, which is mounted on the optimist’s head, ensures bouncing movements. Thanks to the feet, the little man is held securely in place. Let the Hoptimists convince you!

Skandi style: the hoptimist as decoration in the living room

The Hoptimist can be placed in any room with his infectious cheerfulness. Even in the bedroom, the happy design of the Hoptimist will gladly wake you up in the morning. The Hoptimist was produced in Denmark until 1974 and is therefore an absolute must for all Skandi fans. The simple look made of high quality materials paired with the typical straight lines are the epitome of the Scandinavian furnishing style. The design classic brings something very special to your home in a simple way. If you value good design and an optimistic ambience, the Hoptimist is the perfect decoration object. It looks particularly beautiful on the metal wall shelf next to a green pilea or a striped vase with your favorite flowers. In addition, the Hoptimist adorns every boring window sill and spreads his good mood throughout the room.

Sweet accent: the Hoptimist in the children’s room

The adorable little guy prefers to bounce around on the shelf, sideboard or desk. The smiling Hoptimist is nudged once and he ensures a lot of fun and good vibes. A Hoptimist should therefore not be missing in any children’s room. Whether as a birthday present or as a little gift to cheer you up when things are not going well for the kids – the Danish design classic combines a nice touch with an extra dose of optimism. Make the world a little bit happier in the children’s room and enjoy the bright eyes of your little ones. Incidentally, the Hoptimist is also very good as a present in the school bag for the first day of school, as a companion through the new everyday life. The hoptimist is decoration and toy at the same time and has a positive effect on children with his bouncy nature.

Hoptimist made of wood in a close-up

Hop in, Hoptimist! The Hoptimist at WestwingNow

If you want to give the cheerful decorative object on your desk a new home or just want to put your four walls in a good mood, you will find this optimistic guy in our exclusive selection in the online shop at WestwingNow. Placed on the desk, it distracts a little from the work, but that can be every now and then. The classic model is four centimeters tall and has a diameter of ten centimeters. The baby bumbles are a little smaller at seven centimeters high and five centimeters in diameter, but just as playful.

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