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Spring like: flower decoration on the table


Make sure you get a stylish kick of freshness with a spring flower table decoration. Because a lavish floral display never fails to achieve its elegant effect. Colorful colors and the sweet fragrance immediately spread a good mood. Whether romantic, playful or rustic, in bright or subtle colors – you can also individually design the floral decorations on your table. Our interior experts reveal how you can create a beautiful look on your banquet table with opulent bouquets or individual flowers. Let yourself be inspired!

Make flower decorations on the table yourself

A tasteful floral decoration on the table never goes out of style? But on the contrary! Because the fresh accessories enliven the entire room and exude a wonderful fragrance. But you can also give your ambience flair with artificial flowers. A very clear advantage over fresh flowers is that artificial flowers cannot wither and set fresh accents in your home. But no matter what you choose: flowers on the dining or coffee table in high quality are the perfect decoration for special requirements!

Romantic floral decoration for the table

Flower decoration table pink and white arrangements

Flowers simply say more than 1000 words! A small attention in the form of a colorful bouquet is always welcome for romantic occasions. But also at the wedding a sweet flower table decoration fascinates each of your guests. Delicate rosé, lilac, cream and pink then breathe a romantic atmosphere into the ambience. At the same time, an arrangement in a rustic tin bucket with different flowers and lovely colors looks very playful.

Flower decoration in the glass for the table

Two different variants of flower decoration in a glass lying on a table

Flowery decoration in the glass is a great variant for the nicely designed table decoration in a stylish home. Whether individual flowers in a glass bowl or a whole mini garden – the floral spring decoration is fabulously suitable for indoor use. But it is also magical on the terrace or balcony. Because in the dark season, fairy lights in an arrangement with fir branches and cones, which you drape in the glass bowl, envelop the room in an atmospheric atmosphere.

Flower table decoration for the wedding: the most beautiful ideas

A wedding decoration without dreamlike flower decoration? Inconceivably! Fine floral decorations, flower arrangements and colorful flowers are often seen as table decorations. These radiate a romantic flair in the room in an instant and at the same time loosen up the overall picture. The great thing: Since they come in a wide variety of colors, you can also adapt the floral decoration perfectly to the style of your dream wedding.

  • Delicate table decoration in pastel: If your wedding decoration is in delicate pastel shades, you have many design options when it comes to flower decoration. Either you pick up on the light, delicate shades of the table decoration in the flowers – this works very harmoniously and creates a romantic flair. Or you can create an exciting contrast and incorporate stronger colors into the flower arrangement. So the flower decoration becomes an absolute eye-catcher at your party.
  • Wedding decoration in a greenery look: The table decoration in greenery look is currently very trendy. Eucalyptus in particular is often combined with white roses and gypsophila and comes in the form of beautiful garlands. The table decoration with succulents and cacti is absolutely modern. Incidentally, they are also ideal as party favors!
  • All in white: The decoration is completely noble and elegant in white. After all, white is THE wedding color par excellence! So that the overall picture does not look too cool and sterile, accents in gold are a must. For a rustic charm, in addition to white table decorations, furniture and decorative pieces made of dark wood cut a good figure. Individual elements in dark green skilfully round off the look.

Extra tip: Match the floral decoration to the coloring of vases, napkins, place cards, candles and the bridal bouquet. This ensures harmony and a coherent overall impression.

Tips for a cheap wedding decoration with flowers

  1. Who his flower table decoration in your own hands, can cut costs by half. Many arrangements are not complex at all and can be easily copied with little skill. Maybe you even have a friend who likes to let off steam as a florist?
  2. Large arrangements are usually more expensive than single cut flowers. It is therefore best to choose several small vases for your table decoration, which you then decorate with your favorite flowers.
  3. You don’t want to do without a lush bouquet or a large flower garland? With green branches these can be filled ideally as accessories. You also save a lot of money.
  4. Seasonal is always good – even with flower arrangements! Flower types that need to be taken care of out of season always cost more than seasonal cut flowers.

DIY flower decoration on the table: the terrarium centerpiece

Whether as a flower decoration at the wedding or for any other occasion – this self-designed it-piece is a great eye-catcher:

What you need:

  • Flowers (e.g. roses of different colors, eucalyptus, gypsophila, etc.)
  • Fine sand
  • A sponge
  • A small terrarium
  • scissors
  • cutter
  • paper

Here’s how it works:

  1. Cut the sponge with the cutter to fit the bottom of the terrarium.
  2. Then separate the flower of the roses from the rest of the stem and place the flower in the middle of the sponge.
  3. Then roll a piece of paper into a funnel. Then use it to fill the sand in the terrarium – until the sponge is completely covered.
  4. Now put and lay branches and flowers in and around the sponge – the more colorful the better!
  5. Finished!

Nice accessories for the flower decoration on the table

To give the flowery table decoration the right frame, you can stylishly combine the delicate flowers with beautiful accessories. Vases, bowls and trays are not only practical it pieces for everyday use, but also skilfully complete the look of your floral decorations on the table. Glasses, boards made of wood or marble and lanterns are also perfect for a harmonious flower ensemble on your banquet table.

More inspiration for the flower decoration on the table

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