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Star decoration: inspiration & tips


With this trend you give your ambience a magical flair! Star decoration is a popular style, especially in the cozy season, which nicely stages your interior and at the same time provides a cozy feeling of space. Christmas star decoration on the festive table or radiant table lamps in an elegant design on the windowsill ─ a modern star decoration is anything but old-fashioned. As a cute eye-catcher in your decoration, stars are simply fabulous. Let yourself be inspired by the ideas of our interior experts! Helpful tips and stylish combination options let your star decoration shine in a completely new shine. Even as festive exterior decoration, the stylish celestial bodies are absolutely trendy.

The star decoration fits here

Stars not only illuminate your home decorations for Christmas! Even in the autumnal darkness or in the early evening hours, a modern star decoration is always a welcome stylistic device. Basically, stars can decorate all possible interior pieces. Whether pillows, bedding, dishes, bowls or lights ─ Stars are in abundance everywhere. For fans of the Scandinavian style, accessories in the shape of a star offer a very special decorative treat: paper stars that hang illuminated in front of the window. They just look beautiful and they give your home atmosphere that certain something. But star decoration is also ideal in the cheerful children’s room ─ on the bed linen, as well as on the cozy woolen blanket.

Star-shaped dishes

Stars accompany us not only at Christmas time, but all year round. The small luminous elements can be found everywhere, especially on dishes. Whether on the coffee table or on the festive table, decorative accessories in the shape of a star are all the rage.

Two small decorative plates in the shape of a star and with a star motif stand on a table next to coffee dishes

Star-shaped accessories

When autumn arrives in our four walls, star-shaped home accessories should not be missing. It doesn’t matter whether you decorate the little darlings discreetly or show them off in the window. Star decoration for your home has many faces and offers almost everything from modern to simple to opulent! Say goodbye to the colorful summer decorations and bring a cozy atmosphere to your home with paper stars in muted colors or elegant decorative elements to put down!

Decorative stars hang on the room ceiling in the living room

Star shaped lamps

Let there be light: with decorative lamps in the shape of a star! As a classic poinsettia, the living accessories can hardly be imagined without the windows. The star-shaped luminaires are also timelessly beautiful, and can be used on your dresser as an indirect light source all year round. Break new ground in the shape of your lamp! As an anchor point for stylish design, the star lamps are the icing on the cake in your four walls. Functional light takes on a whole new meaning.

Decorative lamp in star shape on the windowsill in the kitchen

Textiles with star motifs

As soon as autumn is here, we would like to redecorate our home to match the season. Instead of colorful pillows and patterned woolen blankets, soft, cuddly furs as well as plaids and decorative pillows with star motifs are now in demand.

The It-Pieces create a cozy, relaxed atmosphere. In addition, after a colorful summer, some peace and quiet can now move into your own home: Subtle tones, such as gray, beige or white, make it easier to switch down a gear and enjoy the silence of autumn.

Bedding with stars in the bedroom on the bed

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