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Style Guide: The most beautiful decorative books


Do you love books and just can’t get enough of exciting browsing and romantic love stories? Then your bookshelf is surely filled with novels, crime novels etc. What you are still missing as a real book fan is an impressive book decoration. We don’t mean that from now on you should only sort your books by color. Books also make a great decoration when you place them correctly and find a nice place for your favorite works. Whether as a coffee table eye-catcher or bedside table replacement, our interior experts will show you the most beautiful book decoration ideas!

Our top 3 tips for a stylish bookshelf

Are you still looking for the right tips for a coherent bookshelf? Our styling experts have revealed their decoration secrets!

  1. Coherent color image

    You will ensure a coherent color image on your shelf when you sort all your books by color. So you can create an atmospheric atmosphere with the different book titles alone and artfully stage the individual works as a decorative element. In addition, a color-coordinated arrangement – from light to dark – ensures a calmer look. The often crowded bookcase looks tidy and in no way overloaded. This not only helps you find your favorite books a lot faster, but also makes the entire room appear more modern and cleaner.

  2. The size decides

    Do you know that too: you roam the bookshelf and you constantly feel that your decor is not quite harmonious? This is often due to the fact that the books on the shelf are rarely sorted according to size, but were somehow placed crosswise. It is the size that decides on a book – at least as long as it is on the shelf or used as a decorative book. Very bulky books are also ideal as a decorative element on the side table. Stacked, this book decoration is also a great table replacement that you can place next to the bed.

  3. Show individual interests

    The books you own are not just a good pastime as you leaf through and read them. They also represent your very personal interests. Illustrated books and opulent books with a beautiful design are predestined to be used as book decorations. Express your interests and use beautiful books to create an effective decoration on the coffee table or the chest of drawers. You can also pick individual works that you want to decorate in a particularly stylish way on a metal shelf.

Wall painted in living coral with tone-on-tone sofa next to an improvised coffee table made of books and several glass vases

Tip: Stylish book collection point! Small wall shelves made of metal are not only practical storage aids, but also decorative it pieces! Tip: Match the colors of selected books to your home textiles!

Decorate with books: our most creative decorating ideas

Would you like an interior makeover in which your magnificent book collection plays a major role? Books are not just for reading. Depending on the size and look, individual works can also be used for decoration pretty well. Do not you believe? Then let our interior experts convince you with these four stylish decorating ideas for your books:

Decorative books for your coffee table

Decorate your coffee table, the living room shelf or the chest of drawers in the hallway with beautiful picture books. With coffee table books, every free corner in your home becomes a stylish eye-catcher. From the outside, the illustrated books are very elegant and chic and they are great as a source of inspiration or for relaxed browsing for your guests. Place coffee table books in your living room with breathtaking photo spreads, fashionable street style pictures and impressive scenery shots. These unique pieces are particularly beautiful on your square coffee table. You can also stack two to three coffee table books, always from large to small, and decorate a beautiful vase with fresh flowers on them.

Decorative books to replace bedside tables

Do you have a lot of books but no bedside table? Don’t worry. Just decorate yourself a bedside table replacement – from your decorative books! Here’s how it works: Simply place a glass or wooden plate on a stack at the desired height. You have already converted your stacked books into a stylish bedside table. Especially in a very simple and clean bedroom, these decorative books come into their own.

Decorative book tower without shelf

A shelf for books is nothing new to you. But what about a bookshelf? It looks very different. A free-floating bookcase is not only a real highlight in your home, but also provides plenty of storage space for your books.

Step-by-step to the book tower

  1. For the decorative book tower you need a few brackets for your wall, screws and a drill.
  2. Attach the support brackets to the wall. Use suitable dowels so that the books stay in place later and the DIY shelf does not fall off the wall.
  3. Once the support brackets have been installed, you can easily stack the books on top of each other. Start with the largest work and be careful not to use too many heavy books.

Particularly eye-catching decorative books create a special atmosphere on your book wall. If you would like to stage illustrated books & Co. in an atmospheric way, just create a wooden bookshelf. In our online shop here on WestwingNow you will also find many beautiful bookshelves that beautifully present your decorative books. Whether made of metal, wood or in a mix – a bookshelf has many styling options and is only brought to life by decorative books. Pick, for example, the three most beautiful books from your collection that have a visual appeal. Decorate these books in your bookshelf so that you can look directly at the cool browsers. With candles, picture frames and a small vase with eucalyptus you complete the look skillfully.

Let yourself be inspired by our stylish bookshelves and find exactly the right model for your home:

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