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Stylish pumpkin decoration ideas & DIYs


Pumpkin decoration is the classic in autumn and not only provides a very special flair on Halloween. Carving pumpkins is a popular activity for children and a nice eye-catcher in the home. Whether as a pumpkin decoration in the entrance area, on the table or as a bright decoration in the garden: pumpkins are the perfect decoration objects in autumn! Of course, you don’t just have to carve faces into your pumpkins. Other patterns can also have a great effect. The small decorative pumpkin, on the other hand, usually remains untouched and is very popular with table decorations or on dressers and sideboards. Our living experts will show you how to stylishly design your pumpkin decoration this year in order to conjure up a scary, cozy or elegant ambience.

Modern pumpkin decoration in many colors

A bright orange pumpkin? This classic has become a real must, especially for Halloween. If, however, you are not so happy with orange, we have great news: a modern pumpkin decoration is available in many colors. From white to brown to black Pumpkins now shine in our decoration in all conceivable shapes, colors and variants.

Delia’s decoration idea with pumpkins for your living room

As soon as autumn is ready, you can also join Westwing founder Delia Fischer the matching decorative pumpkins are not missing. An elegant shimmering pumpkin decoration in mustard yellow to bordeaux red sweeten the start of the new season on the coffee table in the living room. With natural candlelight, you can relax and enjoy the natural decoration.

Delia’s decorative darling for autumn: fine velvet pumpkins! With their soft look, the must-haves appear particularly velvety-soft. Definitely combine several!

Autumnal pumpkin decoration DIY

Pumpkin time is decoration time! Create autumnal styles with bright orange or noble white and simply bring the atmospheric natural spectacle inside with fairy lights!

What you need:

  • two golden cup vases
  • several white squashes
  • several fairy lights

Here’s how it works:
Place the white decorative pumpkins above the vase so that they serve as an eye-catcher. Now arrange the fairy lights around the pumpkins. Make sure that you use a light chain that can be easily operated with batteries. Finished!

Creative pumpkin DIY

Orange pumpkins are too boring for you? No problem! We show you how you can give your pumpkins a new look yourself. With this DIY you can live completely artistically.

What you need:

  • Acrylic and spray paint (best contrast colors)
  • several pumpkins
  • a brush
  • a ballpoint pen

Here’s how it works:

  1. Some color please!

    Spray the pumpkin with the paint.

  2. A little rest

    Let the pumpkin dry completely.

  3. Live your artistic streak

    Dilute the acrylic paint with a little water. Next, spray the paint onto the pumpkin using a brush and pen.

  4. A little peace again

    Finally, let your artwork dry for several hours. Finished!

Pumpkin decoration for the house entrance like at Westwing founder Delia Fischer

The rustle of leaves, the smell of moss and the crystal clear air are the things that appeal to our senses in autumn. And what fits this season better than the pumpkin? The main character simply makes himself fabulous in front of the front door in all shapes and colors.

Do like Westwing founder Delia Fischer and decorate several pumpkins in a row. Rustic lanterns light up the path in the dark and envelop your house entrance in a mystical ambience.

Pumpkin table decorations ideas

Pumpkins are real all-rounders and we meet again and again, especially in autumn! For a classy look on the table, choose white pumpkins this year. This brings a nice change to the table.

Incidentally, hydrangeas in green tones, fragrant eucalyptus and flickering candles are particularly great. But white pumpkins are also fantastic as a key piece on the stylishly arranged plate full of tapas!

Pumpkin decoration for Halloween

Halloween without a pumpkin? Not with us! It doesn’t always have to be the scary grimace face. For the scary festival, it can also be stylish. Put your decorative skills to the test and spray decorative pumpkins with black paint. It is available in every hardware store and turns your pumpkin decoration into a real masterpiece. Your DIY pumpkins can be beautifully decorated on the party buffet or the sideboard in the living room.

Well, there is only one thing left to be desired: Happy scary!

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