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The summer is coming! Warm rays of the sun, friendly
Tones and the natural materials of nature, we want to Interior Fans
of course, not only outside, enjoying the Outdoors, but also in our
Table decorations integrate. So we also get a cozy dinner with
Friends and families a relaxing holiday Flair.

What colors and materials you this year
in the Trend table decoration are and what you need in your summer otherwise yet
should pay attention to, we can tell you now. A lot of fun to read!

Our Inspiration for the summer table decoration

Thus you the perfect summer decoration for your
Dining table, we will give you a small insight into our mood boards
for the upcoming season. Our Interior experts can take the most important
Trends represent perfect. Let yourself be inspired by our selection and
you take exactly the ideas, the rest of the interior style

Back to Basics: let’s start with one of the most popular
Trends of the season. Muted tones, natural materials and precious accents
in Gold or silver, restrained and elegant wonderful at the same time.

The Motto here is: not everything needs to be perfect!
Hand pottery tableware or linen tablecloth with small stains and
The irregularities for the summer decoration, the atmosphere of the whole table

A Vase full of dried flowers, and shrubs made
the eye-catching effect, the neutral color palette of the
Table decoration to distract. Here are materials, pampas grass, reed Canary grass, or
Cotton branches very well. And the Best thing about this election: you have to use your
dried flowers do not change regularly and can also in the
coming years, as a re-use.

This summer,give Deco the extra dose of Glamour to
gold-coloured elements are also suitable. Whether small vases, tealight holder, or the Cutlery:
Accents in metal look leave the rest of more natural materials
the same noble act.

Or you can transform your own dining room but in a
maritime oasis with the blue summer decorations on the table, you can currently
nothing wrong make. So you feel the same in the last summer holiday
Sea back.

You can combine this Look with different shades of blue,
an exciting combination of the individual elements of the serving dishes
and to reach the rest of the accessories.

While their plates and shells, for example, in a
dark Blue are on hold, you can with napkins in turquoise
summer fresh integrate kick in your table decoration.

Gold-coloured decorative elements leave a bit of elegance
in your panel to move in. Whether glasses with a gold edge, or a fine napkin rings in the
Metallic Look: the choice is entirely up to you and your personal taste.

Pure nature: leave rustic materials for
speak! In this variant, the summer decorations for the table we put in
untreated materials and natural shades. A surface made of wood
is used here without a table decoration as a perfect basis. But also
Table mats out of raffia on the values of these Look quite simple.

But, of course, nevertheless, the decoration should also in this Look
not to be missed. Hand drawn candle immerse your home in the evening in a cozy
Light, linen napkins to loosen the overall impression perfect and are
in addition, also useful!

Pay attention also in the choice of dishes on neutral tones and a restrained design. So the plates match perfectly with the rest of the table decorations and the yummy prepared food speak for itself. We wish you good appetite!

The best tips & Tricks from our Westwing Interior stylist Clara

For us it means that summer is on the table: More is more! What that means exactly, you will learn in our Styling Video!

Our 5 most beautiful ideas for the table decoration in the summer

After we have introduced to you our favourite Trends,
we want to give you a few Styling ideas. Embed
just your favorite elements in your own summer decorating. The fits
Styling your table is perfect in your rest of the décor taste.

Natural summer table decoration in Beige

You have surely already at our various
Inspiration Boards noted: the use of natural materials and color combinations are
currently very popular. Especially for the summer decoration on the table is
this Trend is excellent. The combination of different materials
and textures in the warmer months, very refreshing.

Boho elements such as a braided table Mat made of Bast, as well as
white textiles made of cotton or linen to give each table a more casual
Elegance, without being too styled.

These decorative items are a must for any summer table decorations in Beige:

Luxurious summer decoration for the table

Sometimes it just has to be a little bit more. In the case of
special occasions or just for fun in between our want to
Summer decoration for the table extra glamorous to fail.

Here, the following applies: more is more! In addition to a large bouquet of flowers in
the middle of the table and a tablecloth, the choice should be the
Plates lush than usual to fail. You stack here, so at least two
various plates to each other, which are removed after each course. While
You may like to choose different patterns, should have the basic colors
remain consistent. Now only the fine glasses and matching Cutlery is missing
in Gold, and the feast can begin.

We rely on these products for our luxurious summer decoration on the table:

Mediterranean table decoration in the summer

La dolce vita: Italian summer decoration for the table
reminds us immediately of the last holiday on the Riviera. Here, in addition to may
delicious Pasta and Pizza dishes, but also, of course, table accessories
Terracotta colors are missing. Combine these rich Red and orange tones
neutral colors like cream and Beige. The table decoration looks wonderfully cheerful
and inviting. And what we love in this Style: Make it big
Plates full of delicious food in the middle of the table. These serve
at the same time as additional table decorations of the but also on each
can use.

With these elements of your Mediterranean table decoration will work for sure:

La dolce vita

Bright colors, pattern mix, and a wonderful summer feeling
we would like this table decoration. Here you can on the
Full go and the different bright colors combined with each other.
You don’t only pay attention is always to combine too many sounds. More than three
Colors can quickly act to motley. Fresh turquoise fits
for example, super-to-table accessories in coral or bright Purple. A
Bouquet of flowers that captures your main colors again, completes the Look.

For a harmonious overall look, additionally you can like to
neutral tones and natural materials use the rest of the colors
balance. And you have created a fresh summer decor on the table.

The ultimate summer decoration for the table, you can find here:

Picnic in the garden

A romantic dinner under the open sky is
this summer, the very top of the Bucket List. You create this
initially a sub-location from a ceiling. In a picnic basket made of Bast can
You can store your homemade Treats and dishes. Here is
a Version made of bamboo or palm leaf. These are not only shatter-proof,
but also much lighter than conventional ceramics.

Small tea lights and cozy seat cushions give the
finishing touches for your picnic in the garden.

With these articles, the picnic in the garden, success is:

Choose your favorite summer decoration for the table and to style a look! We are sure, you will impress your friends and family at the next dinner party for sure. You like to browse through our other articles around the theme of summer decoration!

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