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Summer wooden decoration: our 7 most beautiful ideas


Back to the Basics: Wood has been one of the most popular materials for house building and the furniture industry for several centuries. No wonder! After all, it is a sustainable natural product that is not only durable, but also looks wonderful.

For this year’s summer decoration, we therefore came back to the evergreen wood and are therefore introducing our favorite variants to you. Have fun while reading!

Summer wooden decoration for the wall in the garden

In the boho style, summer wooden decorations are particularly popular for the wall. And we also find this outdoor decoration not only stylish, but also really practical! After all, you do not have to take any further beautification measures for your walls outdoors. All you need is a stable nail that reliably attaches your new decoration to the wall and the so-called macrame is ready for use.

And craft enthusiasts can certainly learn the braiding and knotting techniques of this wooden wall decoration very quickly. So you can create a personal pattern and decorate your garden individually.

However, if you would rather hope for wooden summer decorations that have already been completed, we have introduced our favorite macramé teas to you here:

Teak side table for the terrace

For our refreshing drink and your favorite book, the new side table should of course not be missing on the terrace! We are currently particularly fond of the teak models. This type of wood is one of the longest known and most valuable woods in Asia and is native to India, Burma and China. Teak wood can also be used in damp environments and is weatherproof. So the perfect material for our outdoor area! In contrast to other woods with similar qualities, teak is also very light. We couldn’t ask for more for our wooden summer decorations!

Our most beautiful models for after-shopping:

Summer decoration with wooden lamps

Of course, the wooden lamps should not be missing in our list! Luminaires made from the sustainable material immediately give every room the coveted Ibiza feeling. Thanks to the mostly carved lampshades, you can also project detailed shadows throughout the room. It can hardly get any cozier in summer!

Browse through our wooden lamps:

Cozy wooden bench

Every outdoor area needs at least one seat. If your balcony is not suitable for a complete living area, we recommend a comfortable wooden bench. This not only looks good, but with the right seat cushions it will surely become your new outdoor regular spot.

Discover our most beautiful wooden benches:

Hammock chair made of wood for the garden

In contrast, the hanging chairs made of wood look particularly casual. In the garden and attached to an old tree or pergola, you can create a wonderful retreat for yourself and your family. Thanks to the flexible properties of some woods, this material is particularly suitable here. So the armchair hugs your body perfectly and offers you the perfect lying experience.

Could we infect you with our enthusiasm for a hanging chair? Then click through our selection:

Lounge furniture made of wood for summer decorations in the garden

If you have a little more space, you should think about chic wooden lounge furniture. These are not only practical and convenient, but also serve as a summer decoration! Especially in combination with matching decorative pillows and accessories such as lanterns or fairy lights, you can conjure up a small oasis of wellbeing just for you personally.

H2 Westwing bonus tip: wooden snack boards

And a little insider tip at the end: with wooden boards you can serve your favorite snacks even more beautifully! The small all-rounder can be used for preparing food as well as for presenting on the table. And if you are still looking for a suitable gift, you have found the perfect summer wooden decoration for friends and family.

We hope we could inspire you – please feel free to discover our other articles on the topic of summer decorations!

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