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Summery and fresh: ideas for lemon decorations


It is cheerful yellow, reminds us of summer and can also be used as a living accessory with ease. The lemon – probably our favorite fruit right now! No wonder that we are currently totally into lemon decorations in our home! Whether on the dining table, on your wedding table or as the icing on the cake in the garden: we will show you how you can make statements with this popular citrus fruit. We hope you enjoy reading!

Summer table decoration with lemons

We normally use lemons in the kitchen – so why not include our favorite ingredient in our table decorations? Whether for festive occasions or for everyday use – this is how you integrate the lemon motif into your table decoration:

For example, you can place a small bowl of fresh lemons in the middle of your dining table as an eye catcher. However, you should always pick up the color yellow in your dishes or the rest of the decoration such as vases or the candle holder. You have created a common thread that runs through all of your accessories. By the way, limes in summery green also go perfectly with this for an even fresher look!

But even if you don’t want to use fresh fruit, you can of course join this trend. Finally, there are also artificial lemons. Or use sweet textiles with lemon motifs here. How about a table runner or napkins in citrus style, for example? You can of course also serve delicacies in which the lemon flavor reappears. A completely round table design!

Or you dare to do a little DIY without a big one. Citronella candles not only smell particularly good, they also easily scare off unwanted insects. The perfect idea for your outdoor table decoration. Depending on the size of the table, place three to four homemade candles on the board. Let the motif appear again and again in the rest of the decoration.

A little hint: a homemade candle also makes a great gift. And should you spend your evening outside with friends on the terrace, you will still have peace and quiet from insects. How convenient!

Extra tip: wedding with lemon decoration

The lemon motif can also be easily incorporated into the wedding decoration. The stylish citrus fruits go perfectly with rustic or boho styling.

Here, too, you can of course start with fresh fruit on the individual tables or use artificial ones. The lemon addition goes particularly well with garlands made of different branches and fresh flowers.

Do not forget, however, to incorporate the lemon aroma into your catering! A drink dispenser full of ice-cold water and delicious lemon wedges refreshes guests in no time after dancing. But a cake with delicious lemon curd or lemon macarons are sure to go down well with the wedding party.

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