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Sun glass decoration – illuminate life sustainably!


Would you like to enjoy bright moments in your life for many hours? We have the solution for you – even absolutely sustainable and environmentally friendly! Have you heard of the trendy sun glasses? The pretty solar lamps serve as a sustainable light source for your indoor and outdoor areas. The fair trade product from South Africa is currently at the top of our want-to-have list and maybe we can convince you of this beautiful product. Light source without electricity? That sounds awesome! And the sun glass decoration is also beautiful. We will tell you how the solar lamps work and inspire you with beautiful design and decoration ideas!

The story behind the fair trade product

Do something good and buy sustainable light sources! Let the sunlight shine in the evening too! The sun lens was designed so that people without power supply can enjoy pleasant light in the evening. The production takes place exclusively by hand in South Africa and is almost almost completely made of regional materials. The pretty mason jars are available both in large and in a sweet mini version. Depending on your taste, you can also combine different sizes!

All the facts why the product convinces us at a glance:

  • Fair trade product
  • Handicraft and use of regional products
  • 100% recyclable and sustainable
  • Beautiful look – awarded with several design awards

This is how the sun glass works

The sun glass solar lamps not only look decorative, but are also very easy to use! We explain step by step how it works:

  1. Step: Place the solar glass in daylight or in the sun during the day. This means that it can collect energy during the day with the help of a solar sun module. In order to optimally charge the LED lamps, we recommend direct sunlight!
  2. Step: Place your solar glass solar lamp in the evening on your balcony or in the interior of your home, as you wish.
  3. Step: Flip the toggle switch. The solar lamp can now release the energy collected during the day into the room via the charged LEDs. Enjoy the soft light! Environmentally conscious and chic in one!

Possible applications for solar glass

Are you looking for a nice light source for inside and outside? The solar glass solar lamp is suitable both as beautiful lighting for your garden and as indirect lighting for your living area. If you want, you can even put the small mason jar on a small side table next to the sofa and use it as a reading light. However, it is particularly beautiful as a decorative lamp to decorate the windowsill or as a solar lantern in the garden. Perfect for the next BBQ – with the sun glass you provide atmospheric light! How about, for example, a romantic picnic with your loved one?

The sun glass is more than just a light source! You can easily unscrew the solar cover and decorate the glass as you wish. Read on! We will tell you the most beautiful sun glass decoration ideas!

Expert tips from Westwing founder Delia Lachance

Who could give you better decorating tips than Westwing founder Delia Lachance herself? In the video, she explains how easy it is to decorate the beautiful sun glasses. Have fun looking and styling!

5 ideas: sun glass decoration

How clever that the sun glass can also be decorated individually. Thanks to the energy-saving LED lamps, the mason jar does not get warm and it can be decorated with all kinds of decorations. No matter whether small plants or Christmas decorations – the mason jar serves as a beautiful decorative object. Plus: thanks to the LEDs, your individual decoration is even illuminated and staged in the evening!

The sun glass in autumn

In autumn, for example, you can also place several sun glasses side by side on your windowsill. Fill the glasses as you like with beautiful autumn decorations such as golden yellow leaves, dried berries, cinnamon sticks, chestnuts and dried fruit. You will be amazed at how beautiful your autumn decoration shines in the evening!

The summer sun glass

Here the name becomes the program! You can conjure up summer, sun and sunshine with the sun glass with fresh fruit in it (apples or citrons are good) or colorful petals!

Two sun glasses filled with apples and flower glasses

The maritime sun glass

Do you want sea? Then fill the sun glass with shells and sand! So you will always be reminded of the last vacation.

The glamorous Christmas sun glass

The holidays are unthinkable without decoration! Your sun glass can also be used here. Fill it with shimmering tinsel, for example! Or: How about artificial snow and a mini Christmas ball? Christmas can come!

The romantic sun glass

Here it says: Go for pastel pink! It doesn’t matter whether you fill in sweets such as fruit gums or petals! Confetti in heart shape is also sweet, you can even do it yourself. Your imagination is the limit!

Sun glass with stones on a pink wooden table

Questions about the sun glass decoration

The sun lens is waterproof and also suitable for outdoor use. Therefore, you can easily leave it on the terrace or balcony as a decoration – even in freezing temperatures! However, we recommend storing the sun glass indoors on particularly cold days.

The mason jars from Sonnenglas are 100% waterproof and can therefore be left outside without hesitation – even when it is raining! However, we do not recommend placing the lamps in water.

Unfortunately, the sun glass does not have an automatic sensor or timer, so the light must always be switched off manually.

The sun glass gives you up to 12 hours of beautiful, atmospheric light.

Buy sun glasses and have them conveniently delivered to your home? WestwingNow makes it possible! The Sun glass is one of our absolute favorite decorative products for us due to its design and sustainability! We hope you enjoy decorating!

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