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The best ideas for Valentine’s Day decoration 2021


Love is all it takes Couples in love celebrate Love Day on February 14th. On Valentine’s Day, you would like to spend 24 hours with your partner. Whether it’s a trip together, a nice meal or a cozy evening at home – the main thing is that you spend this special day of lovers together. With more atmospheric Valentine’s Day decoration you can add a romantic touch to the atmosphere and make the day even more beautiful. We have the best ideas for you – let yourself be inspired!

That’s why you absolutely need beautiful Valentine’s Day decorations!

It is important to us to make a beautiful home out of every home. We attach great importance to stylish furniture as well as decoration that is appropriate for the occasion. A very special decoration is particularly worthwhile for Valentine’s Day. Show your sweetheart how much he or she means to you and make the most of it! A Valentine’s Day decoration in 2021 doesn’t always have to be kitsch – it can also be elegant and romantic. Red hearts and candles? Yes, but please with style!

Decoration Valentine’s Day: Simple

If you don’t care much about Valentine’s Day, but still want to decorate a little when your partner comes to visit in the evening, you can choose a simple decoration. Roses are particularly important on Valentine’s Day, but they are quite pompous. Instead of long stemmed roses, choose one small rose as a potted plant. Thus, the classic is available for Valentine’s Day, but the small rose petals of the plant look cute and reserved. A matching planter, possibly with a heart motif or painted in red and white, highlights the flower again.

To keep the decoration on Valentine’s Day simple, you shouldn’t overdo it with accessories such as hearts and plush toys. Instead, just stick to the color scheme Red and white. The table decoration could, for example, consist of red place plates or place mats with white porcelain on them. A pretty red cloth napkin can be folded or pulled through a napkin ring. Candles are of course essential on Valentine’s Day. If large table candles seem too applied to you, you can simply use tea lights in pretty, red glasses to dine by candlelight.

Valentine’s Day decoration: Pompous

If Valentine’s Day is the most important day for you every year to celebrate your relationship with your partner, then you should underline this day with the decoration and celebrate it appropriately.

A must-have accessories are of course long-stemmed, red roses. Did you know that there are around 250 different types of roses? The Baccara variety is particularly suitable for Valentine’s Day decorations. These roses have beautiful, large, even flowers in dark red. The petals look soft and velvety. The Baccara Rose can be given away as a bouquet, but also makes a great impression as a single flower and looks great in a narrow, high vase. If you are not already decorating with roses yourself, you should at least have a look in which cupboard your beautiful vase is hidden, maybe your partner will bring you roses.

The symbol of love is also the heart. Reason enough, Decorative hearts to be included in the decoration for Valentine’s Day. Hearts made of stone are sometimes available with beautiful sayings that are carved into or painted on the heart. So you can also send your sweetheart a nice message. Decorative hearts made of straw or moss are also beautiful and natural at the same time. An arrangement of two or three small hearts looks particularly beautiful. Of course, you can also cut out small hearts out of cardboard and distribute them around the apartment, perhaps with a message or a surprise.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day table decorations, all the stops can be pulled out. In addition to the noble dishes there is a large, three-armed one Candlesticks with red candles. Drape it on the side of the table so that you can see your partner eating and the chandelier is not between you. The shiny silverware is also a must, so that the table looks really festive, as well as red flowers and heart decorations.

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