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The glass bowl: decoration for a stylish home


For neat decorations with a view, ensure in your four walls with stylish glass bowls that are perfect for all kinds of occasions. There are enough ideas for decorating the glass bowl. Whether as a festive variant with shimmering candles on the banquet table or as an atmospheric home accessory on the coffee table, staged in summer with delicious fruits. Our interior experts will tell you why a glass bowl is not just any practical product for storing various things. We give you creative tips on how your decoration in the glass looks simply dazzling in just a few simple steps. Create whole compositions of fruit, decoration and whatever else you can think of.

Tips for beautiful decoration in the glass

Get creative and give your glass bowl a new look by fitting the transparent home accessory with various elements! You often own one or two decorative objects at home. In the dark season, a string of lights that you drape in the glass bowl bathes the room in an atmospheric atmosphere. Candles are essential for a social evening. These can also be accommodated in a decorative glass bowl. Plants not only ensure a better indoor climate, but can also be presented far away from vases and classic flower pots for table decorations. Let your creative streak run free with decorative glass bowls.

Our tip: Seasonal decoration with perspective! Depending on the season, glass bowls can be decorated again and again. In autumn, candles in combination with branches and moss are an atmospheric variant. In summer, on the other hand, shells, fine sand and maritime objects provide the right decoration in the glass.

Decorating glass bowls made easy

Why should you settle for individual flowers in your glass bowl when you can have a magical mini garden right away? What may sound a bit complicated at first is actually done very quickly. The flowery spring decoration is not only suitable for indoor use, but is also wonderful on the terrace or balcony. You can also give away the mini garden you have designed yourself in the decorative glass bowl. In a detailed step-by-step guide, we will tell you how to get the mini garden at home. The most important utensils for decorating the glass bowl are flowers and of course the glass bowl itself. A decorative glass bowl in round is perfect here. But a tall, large decorative glass bowl is also very suitable.

Mini garden in a glass – how it works

  1. step

    Place the flowers including the plastic pot in a freezer bag. This ensures that the rest of the decoration is not damaged during casting.

  2. step

    Now put a layer of moss around the pot. A commercially available household rubber band is suitable for fixing the moss.

  3. step

    Place the plant pot and moss in the decorative glass bowl.

  4. step

    If the space between the pot and the plant is too large, just fill it up with a little more moss.

  5. step

    If your decorative glass bowl is large enough, you can add as many plant pots with beautiful flowers using the same procedure. A little tip: It looks particularly nice when you choose different colors and types of flowers.

  6. step

    Decorate your green decoration in the glass as you please.

Glass bowls for decoration in many designs

Decorative glass bowls come in a wide variety of designs. You can choose a suitable glass bowl for decoration based on your own personal decoration ideas and your prevailing interior design. Just make sure that an overall, coherent room concept is created. Whether a decorative glass bowl in round or angular – unusual designs create a modern decoration in your home. In addition, decorative glass bowls can also be combined very fabulously with existing products for storage. Let a harmonious composition emerge, which radiates a modern flair and at the same time homeliness.

Beautiful glass bowl decoration at WestwingNow

Decorative glass bowls are ideal for stylishly staging all kinds of things. Many interior fans particularly like to use glass bowls to present fruit on the sideboard. Glass bowls are also a visual highlight in your home with other decorative objects. In the WestwingNow online shop you will find a wide variety of glass bowl designs that are perfect for your decoration. Search and find your new favorite piece of glass here with us!

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