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The most beautiful Advent decoration for the contemplative pre-Christmas season


When Advent is just around the corner, Christmas Eve is not far away. Embellish the waiting time for yourself and your family! In order to put everyone in a festive mood, a successful Advent decoration is an important part of the living environment. And especially for a Christmas living room! We will show you how Advent decorations can be implemented creatively, modernly and classically.

Atmospheric Advent decoration

With a beautiful and atmospheric Advent decoration, the joy rises on Christmas Eve. We show you popular classics for this special time of the year, which is festive and sure to please the whole family:

1. The classic advent decoration

Classics never go out of style. That is why, especially at Christmas, you always use festive color combinations that can be used as Advent decorations every year. Silver and white are certainly popular tones during the Christmas season. These colors give the decoration a winter look and enchant our apartment in a fairytale world. But red and gold also result in a beautiful combination that looks festive and cozy at the same time.

2. The natural advent decoration

If it sparkles and glitters everywhere, natural materials such as pine cones, twigs or nuts can form a nice antipole. The natural advent decoration can be used in different ways: Whether as an element in the advent wreath, as a table decoration or as a supplement to the wooden advent decoration. Also ingenious: interpret the natural materials as modern Advent decorations and spray the finds with color in white, gold or silver.

3. The new classic: Christmas decorations in fir green & gold

For a classic color combination, we recommend an advent decoration with dark fir green and gold. Our tip for the modern and festive color duo: Advent decoration in a glass! A large lantern can serve as a decorative base for a fancy table decoration in Advent. Cover the bottom of a decorative glass with Christmas baubles in green and gold and place a large candle on it. Make sure to place the candle in the middle so that it stands securely and does not tip over.

Tinker advent wreath

A centerpiece that lasts until Christmas? Well, an advent wreath, of course! Get creative and design your own advent wreath. You will find everything you need for a successful Advent wreath in our material list.

You need these materials for an advent wreath:

  1. A straw blank for the base of the advent wreath (there is, for example, in the craft supplies or hardware store)
  2. Dried branches and fir green
  3. Green craft wire for wrapping branches and twigs
  4. Four advent candles and matching candle holders
  5. Decorative materials such as small stars, bows, Christmas baubles and pine cones

Tinker advent calendar

It’s time for the Christmas handicrafts. And since there is no Advent without an advent calendar, you can make your loved ones happy again this year. We show you how easy it is to make an advent calendar yourself with the following two advent decorating ideas:

1. With mason jars & decorative bowl

A simple but effective idea for an advent calendar to make yourself are 24 disposable glasses, which serve as containers for small gifts and sweets.

For the creative calendar you need different glasses, acrylic paint of your choice, labels, ribbons and bows.

  1. The glasses are coated with the color from the outside so that the contents cannot be seen directly. So the tension for your kids is maintained.
  2. After drying, you can fill the jars and number them with small labels.
  3. Our tip: Place the glasses on a large decorative tray and decorate it with fine branches, fir branches or Christmas baubles

2. Leader advent calendar

Can you convert a ladder into an advent calendar? With the right decorative elements, you can even create a particularly individual Advent decoration with a design character with a ladder. Instead of being childish, this advent decoration looks modern and minimalistic.

  1. For this, decorate a simple leaning ladder with fairy lights or small decorative pendants and place 24 paper bags on the rungs.
  2. The bags can be filled with small gifts and of course individually decorated.
  3. Don’t forget to number the bags and treat yourself and your children to this modern Christmas decoration this year.

Tinker Advent arrangement

Are you looking for an alternative to the classic Advent wreath? Then an Advent arrangement could be a nice choice for your Advent table decoration. Instead of using a round wreath shape, it appears modern and classic at the same time to place a longer arrangement in the middle of a festively decorated table. Here you also have the option of integrating four Advent candles for. When crafting, you can use the shopping list from an advent wreath. You can only do without the round straw wreath and use a long tray or an advent candle holder as a basis, for example.

5 to-dos for an extra portion of Christmas spirit

  • Watch Christmas films: What’s better on cold and rainy Sundays than watching Christmas films and getting in the mood for Christmas? Make yourself comfortable on the couch, drink a delicious tea or mulled wine. So you can enjoy the Christmas atmosphere in the run-up to Christmas!
  • Bake cookies: Winter time is baking time! Especially before Christmas we love to bake delicious cookies. Vanilla biscuits, cinnamon stars or classic butter cookies to cut out and decorate. Baking is fun and conjures up delicious treats that are also suitable for Advent decorations. But what’s even nicer: give away cookies. Whether for colleagues, friends or family – everyone is happy about something delicious to snack on.
  • Hang up mistletoe: Christmas the feast of love! And who doesn’t want to be kissed under the mistletoe? In addition, the custom with the mistletoe has established itself well in front of the Christmas tree. So follow the traditions: decorate and kiss!
  • Write a wish list: Children write their wish list to the Christ child or Santa Claus. And you? How about a wish list to your partner or to yourself? It doesn’t just have to be material desires. Do you have goals, private or professional, that you want to achieve? Write everything down and be your own Christ Child.
  • Christmas market visit: Make all of the city’s Christmas markets unsafe with your family or best friends – there is no more Christmas feeling! Enjoy the many delicacies of the markets and soak up the Christmas scents. This creates anticipation and creates a Christmas spirit.

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