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The most beautiful decoration ideas for Ramadan and the sugar festival


The fasting month of Ramadan is coming up again! In Islam, this ninth month of the lunar calendar is considered holy. All believing Muslims are then called to fast, meditate and help people who are worse off. Only after sunset is the fast broken with family, friends and neighbors. The end of Ramadan also plays an important role: during the Eid al-Fitr or sugar festival, delicacies are served for the whole family. Do you want to create a particularly inviting atmosphere for your loved ones this year? Then discover our most beautiful ideas for Ramadan decorations and table decorations for Eid! We also have tips for you on how you can easily make Ramadan decorations yourself. Let yourself be inspired!

Ramadan decoration: the best ideas for the month of fasting

Ramadan and with it fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam. It goes without saying that these 30 days are also a very special time of the year for all devout Muslims. In the next few sections we will explain how you can make yourself even more beautiful this month – with the matching Ramadan decoration! In this way, you can directly increase your anticipation for the sugar festival.

Ramadan: decorating the table for breaking the fast

During Ramadan: nothing is eaten during the day! This is of course all the more important dinner together after sunset, the iftar. The best thing to do is to expect not only delicious food on the table, but also the following accessories:

  • Pretty bowls for dates and olives
  • A stylish milk jug
  • Nice dishes, for example made of ceramic
  • A water carafe
  • Matching water glasses
  • A nice teapot
  • Large bowls for salads and other dishes
  • A cake platter
  • Round or square placemats
  • A tablecloth or a table runner
  • Vases, tea lights and other decorative elements

Tip: A table set in the Moroccan style also looks very stylish and harmonious! You can find inspiration for this in our video:

Ramadan window decorations: lights for a magical atmosphere

In many Muslim countries, lanterns are hung up during Ramadan to appropriately welcome the holy month of fasting. Let this inspire you and bring one Fairy lights or small lanterns on windows and doors! This creates a warm, contemplative and downright magical atmosphere that is perfect for Ramadan.

Particularly practical: You can of course continue to use the lights after the month of fasting, for example as atmospheric accessories in the dark winter time!

DIY ideas: make Ramadan decorations yourself

You don’t want to buy the decorations for Ramadan, but prefer to make them yourself? No problem: we have it for you three nice craft ideas put together, with which the homemade Ramadan decoration is very easy. The instructions are also perfect for an afternoon of handicrafts with the children.

Extra tip: Many parents who want to bring Ramadan closer to their children also make a Ramadan calendar with them. You can design the thirty bags or boxes individually and fill them with small gifts as you wish.

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