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The most beautiful Outdoor decoration for your home


The days will grow again longer and the temperatures. The summer is coming and it will bring time to our outdoor area in front of the man. With beautiful Outdoor decoration you can create the outside and a cosy atmosphere of well-being and your personal Flair. Whether it’s with pillows, Blankets, light chains, or plants – there are an infinite number of ways to make the outdoor area individually. We have searched for the most beautiful decorating ideas and Styling suggestions out, which immediately effects. Let’s go!

Why is decoding so important?

Not only the inside decoration is a Must, but also outside. Finally, decoration is what our four walls, and of course the outdoor area individually and power. With different decoration, we can Express ourselves in a creative and imaginative Styling-implement ideas. And: do you Want to bring a fresh Wind in your decor, the decoration without much effort!

Decor tact is.

Frank Lloyd Wright (Architect)

How much Outdoor decorating is allowed?

We are of the opinion that you can never have enough decoration. Because only the right accessories, which create comfort and allow your own personality to the home and move in. Nevertheless, the garden decoration is always connected a little bit with a sense of rhythm. You have to find your very own clock, and prefer a little less decoration as too much. Generally speaking, it is visually always harmonious, when you distribute the home accessories indiscriminately on your balcony or the terrace, but small decorative Islands create. They are easy to colors, materials or themes.

These materials & colors are currently in Trend

Natural colors such as White, Beige, grey and cream currently adorn many gardens, terraces and balconies. The Modern Natural Look has conquered the various outdoor areas and, therefore, it is no surprise that natural materials are absolutely in demand. In order to give the overall image a touch of color, are a whopping sounds quite fabulous. Mustard yellow, terracotta and a fresh Green spells in the Mix with Rattan, dark wood, Sisal, concrete, and Jute colorful accents.

3 professional tips from Westwing-founder Delia Lachance

Delia’s Top 3 tips for the perfect outdoor area:

  1. Let your surroundings inspire you
  2. Your device should fit your needs
  3. Decorating accents for living room-Flair

Wind Lights, Light Chains & Co.: Mood Lighting

Also in the evening hours, it is allowed to go in the outdoor area, it is cozy instead of dark. Well, that does not have WestwingNow not only furniture, but also many decorative accessories, the donations only visually Flex its muscles, but also the outside, nice light. Are a real classic Candlesin pretty Wind lights during the day the eye will be. Wind lights there are by the way not only for Positioning but also for Hanging.

Speaking Of Light! Who can enjoy a covered terrace or a balcony, for the are perhaps Outdoor Hanging Light Fixtures well suitable. Particularly popular models, with a lot of straight lines and natural materials. For all who place great value on the environment or the outside, no electricity connection, there are also a lot of pretty solar lights for the garden.

Other light sources you create Strings of lights, lanterns or garden torchesthat you can plug easily into the Beet. A rustic Fire bowl under the open sky, the mood created in addition to ambiance, and also donates a good Portion of heat.

Pretty decoration for the flowers

Whether huge garden, small balcony or wooden terrace – their outdoor lives of the right decoration. And that includes flowers and plants, of course. In itself these are very decorative, but with stylish vases, pretty Übertöpfen or woven baskets you place when you Look one thing up. The space on your balcony or the terrace is rather limited? Then flower pots dangling from the ceiling are just perfect. With so-called hanging baskets create a colorful sea of Flowers, without losing valuable space.

Decorating Tip: You do not have a green thumb? Not A Problem! Also for the outdoor area, there is great art, flowers and plants that need little care. Occasional dusting is enough!

Outdoor Cushions & Plaids

For the ultimate feel-good mood decorative cushions and wool throws are also Outdoor is a Must. Whether casually on the floor as a cool seat cushions, or colorful thrown together on the lounge chair with pillows and Blankets is outdoors even in the cooler evenings really nice and cozy. In addition, you can use these accessories for color accents on your patio. And should you are satisfied with the Look in the next season so you should replace pillows and throws easily. Is much simpler and cheaper than to invest directly in new upholstery, furniture & co.

Outdoor Rugs

On the terrace or the balcony and a beautiful Outdoor makes the carpet simply gorgeous. The dry surface of the new pad twice so cozy and exudes a pleasant Flair. Of course, a robust carpet for the outside area is also in the middle of the garden on the green Meadow as a location for a romantic picnic to use. Is allowed, as always, what I like: Graphic patterns or robust natural fibers, round or square. With an Outdoor rug, it looks on the outside just as comfortable as indoors.

The suitable Outdoor Tableware

When the weather is good, life moves outside, and the next BBQ Party or Sunday Breakfast in the sun waiting to be used. The ambiance is harmoniously rounded of Outdoor Tableware for the garden decoration is a Must. Linen table runner, round table mats made of raffia or Sisal, and beautiful tableware put on your table a stylish look. With a tablet you can carry several things at once and do not need to run several times. A glass decanter has a decorative effect and is super convenient – comes on our wish list!

Decorative Baskets

For the ultimate in feel-good factor in your garden or on the balcony, it still needs a couple of really nice decorative baskets. Particularly stylish and practical bowls and baskets made of natural materials. Especially the braided It-Pieces from raffia, Sisal or Jute worries outside the room pretty filled for a personal touch.

Westwing Bonus Tip: The Outdoor Decorative Shelf

Outside, the certain Something is missing? How about a modern Outdoor shelf? This not only looks great but also offers plenty of space for plants and garden decor. Knock yourself out and let the design of your creativity! Just make sure that the Material is strong enough and the outdoor area is suitable. Because most likely, it will get one or the other rain shower feel. Especially metal, it is recommended, therefore, good.

Little Tip: In bad weather, simply cover it with a tarp. So the decorations can stay on the shelf!

We hope our ideas for the Outdoor decoration, you could inspire. We wish you much fun Setting up and Decorating! Discover more Outdoor decor from the Online Shop of WestwingNow! Conveniently order online and ship to home. We guarantee you a safe shipping and strive for a quick delivery. You are new to Westwing? Who is mainly looking for Offers, should also sign up at our Westwing Shopping Club. Here every day there are great Designer Sales of furniture, decoration & much, much more to discover!

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