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The most beautiful spring decoration ideas for your home


When should you start with the spring decoration?

Decorating seasonally is absolutely trendy. And with the setting up of the spring flowers, Easter bunnies or Christmas trees, we are still looking forward a little more to the time ahead. But when is the beginning of spring? Numerous interior fans are in the starting blocks with their table decorations for spring

Did you know that the beginning of spring always begins at a different time? That depends on various factors. For some, spring begins with a set day that is determined by the specifics of our solar system. In our latitudes this is on March 21stwhen day and night are exactly the same length. For us, spring is only when the plants come back to life and the surrounding vegetation greets us with a fresh green. So there is no “right” or “wrong” here. Basically, you can easily orientate yourself on the classic calendar and spring in March, April and May Welcome.

Friendly, light colors for the spring decoration

The beginning of spring means that the cold and dreary time is finally over and we can look forward to warm and bright days. The days are getting longer and we see more light and sun. This has a positive effect on our mood and our hormonal balance. You can now decorate your home with bright, cheerful spring colors. Pastel shades are also very popular during this time of year. Reading tip: Find out here how to live stylishly in pastel!

For romantics, a lovely pink is still a real must in spring. When it comes to table decorations, the color is particularly popular in the form of plates, cups and bowls. With a warm yellow you spread a good mood and a positive mood in your four walls. Furniture, vase, decorative pillows or woolen blankets – with this color you create an eye-catcher!

Textile update: The most beautiful materials & motifs for spring decorations

Floral pattern, bright and friendly colors and breathtaking flowers are the epitome of spring and of course the matching spring decorations. That is why the theme of spring is best illustrated with flowers, light natural materials and colorful accessories. Fresh flowers and plants such as brightly colored tulips or a few branches willow catkins are a wonderful decoration for spring.

With textiles you can create an atmospheric update without having to redesign the entire room. Where the heavy woolen blanket warmed the feet in winter or the fluffy sheepskin adorned the armchair, lighter materials can now move in in spring. Linen and cotton in light tones instead of gloomy colors and coarse fabrics!

So that it doesn’t get too monotonous, you can click one here and there Pattern and material mix put. The only important thing here is that you don’t mix too many styles together. Simple natural colors that are pepped up with a few strong accents such as terracotta or a powdery pink always work. As a basis are Wood, rattan and linen perfectly suited as they harmonize with all other materials.

Spring fresh window decoration

The window and the window sill are easily forgotten when decorating. What a pity! Because there are a number of beautiful decoration ideas that are predestined for these places. Colorful vases, decorative objects or hanging baskets are just a small foretaste of our 7 most beautiful ideas for window decorations in spring! Have fun discovering and decorating!

It is also particularly nice when the table decoration and window decoration form a unit that leads to a harmonious overall picture. If you don’t want to have any real flowers in your house, you can easily design your spring decorations with artificial flowers!

Pretty decoration with spring flowers

Flower power!

Finally the first blossoms and flowers are sprouting after the long and cold period. Not only does nature come to life again, our spring decorations also shine in new, pastel and magical colors. No wonder! After all, spring stands for the emergence of new life.

Here is an overview of our favorite spring flowers:

  • Daffodils: Yellow is the color of spring. So it’s no wonder that daffodils are a real must-have this time of year. They are also available in white or with a touch of orange. By the way, the ideal month for planting daffodils in the garden is September.
  • Crocuses: Crocuses are extremely easy to care for and herald the beginning of spring. You can see the purple-colored plants in the first spring months more often on the roadside or in the garden at home. They develop their splendid effect in groups and should therefore not be planted individually.
  • Hyacinths: Hyacinths can already spray their splendid ambience in March. In addition, these spring flowers are hardy and make your garden shine in a bright blue every year. They also look great in buckets on the balcony.
  • Tulips: Spring without tulips? Inconceivably. The first flowering plants will be available as early as the end of January. They look particularly beautiful as a colorful bouquet in a trendy smoked glass vase on the coffee table.
  • Ranunculus: Ranunculus should also be part of every spring bouquet. Whether in a mix with other flowers and a lot of leafy green or as a solo version. In a vase you can make yourself wonderful as a magical spring decoration idea.
  • Bellis: Do you know Bellis? These belong to the early bloomers and conjure up a sweet spring decoration in no time and in many bright colors. Whether on the table, the sideboard or the dresser.

Tip: The flower decorations are particularly effective in pretty vases. We have the best vase decorating tips for you!

Set H (ei) light with spring-fresh Easter decorations

Easter is one of the traditional holidays in spring. And besides Christmas, it is one of the most popular decoration occasions for us. Time to let your creative imagination run free again. Above all, everyone who likes to design themselves can fully enjoy themselves here. Discover our beautiful ideas for making Easter decorations. Whether it’s an Easter souvenir, painting Easter eggs or Easter decorations in the garden – we have something for everyone!

Decoration tip: A beautiful spring wreath on Easter for the front door!

Romantic, fresh table decorations

In addition to beautiful window decorations, our tables also deserve a spring update! What shouldn’t be missing? Candles, wood and colorful pillows create a nice atmosphere. Discover our 5 most beautiful ideas for table decorations in spring and let us inspire you!

DIY – make spring decorations

Whether painting Easter eggs, tinkering Easter bunnies or pretty spring decorations in the garden – these months of the year are ideal for being creative. DIY is our motto here. Not only at Easter, but also in May you can lend a hand with beautiful garden decorations. Let yourself be inspired by our ideas for your home!

Home ideas with spring motifs

In addition to the garden decoration, the rooms in our home should not be neglected with the spring decoration. The kitchen, children’s room or living room also need to be harmonized with the new season. Classic motifs here are for example Easter eggs, flowers or butterflies. Whether as a wall decoration, as a motif on pillows or furniture – here and there you set a fresh accent.

Do it yourself or just buy it – whatever you like is allowed when decorating! You will find beautiful spring decorations to buy in the WestwingNow online shop! Reading tip: Discover our most beautiful ideas for the upcoming autumn decorations now!

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