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The new interior trend: slate decoration


Whether as a festive table decoration for weddings, communion, as a stylish decoration for your garden party or for your living room. We love slate slabs. Less is more, that’s our motto when it comes to slate slabs. The simple stone slabs impress with their naturalness and are waiting to be presented. Whether different types of cheese, delicious tapas or homemade cookies. Slate slabs are the ultimate decorative talent with which you can turn every dinner into an unforgettable experience. Slate is tough! Discover slate decoration and let your creativity run free.

frequently asked Questions

Slate is the term used to describe all rocks that have been shaped into their typical layered look by pressure and heat for thousands of years. Traditionally, slate slabs are used as shingles in house building and as roof tiles. For some years now, the material has been represented more and more as a decorative element.

Cleaning slate is not difficult! If yours is not impregnated, you can easily clean it with water. If it is stubborn dirt, commercial soap is sufficient. However, this should be acid-free and pH-neutral. A special cleaner for natural stone is not necessary.

Dining table from above with various waffles on a granite top

Decorative slate matches this decor

No matter which style of furnishing you prefer, you are always right with slate decoration. Deco slate underlines every taste. Whether as a sweet slate heart for your bedroom in a country house style or with flowers and potpourri for your living room in an oriental style.

Do you get dinner guests in the evening and need a slate decoration that is simple but tasteful? Place a round glass on your plate and put a beautiful bouquet in it. Your table decoration highlight is ready! Even if you prefer it simple and puristic, slate decoration complements your interior style perfectly. Take, for example, a slate slab and white, wide candles – the decorative work of art is finished. Be brave and design your slate slab to your heart’s content.

Decorative slate slabs – this is how you integrate the trend material into your home

Coasters for cups and glasses are a chic and practical decorative element. In XXL format, these are suitable for pans and pots. Thanks to their heat-resistant and water-resistant properties, they can be perfectly integrated into everyday life. So the dark tones look even more beautiful.

Slate decoration can also be perfectly staged outdoors. For example, are you a hobby gardener and have a small vegetable and herb garden? Then small slate shingles as plant signs with the appropriate names can become a stylish organizational hack. You can write on the signs with the help of a chalk pen. And so you never lose track of your beds.

You can not only insert slate as small decorative elements in your living room. In the kitchen, the panels can be used as back walls in the kitchen and bathroom, for example. Slate tiles as flooring material can radiate your rustic charm perfectly. Or you can use the material for its original purpose. As shingles, slate gives your roof a monochrome look that adapts perfectly to your wall facade.

Step by step: paint slate slabs

Slate decoration does not always have to be monochrome and monochrome. With a little creativity and a few utensils, you can easily conjure up small works of art for your apartment or as a souvenir at the next party. We show you what to look out for:

  1. step

    First of all, you have to make sure that your surface is free of residues and dirt. Clean your slate plate with water and a lint-free cloth.

  2. step

    Because of the porous material, you should use a primer before painting.

  3. step

    You can give your slate a colored base color. We recommend a chalk color that has a matt finish similar to that of the natural product.

  4. step

    Before you get creative, you should plan your design. Since slate is a natural product, it does not have a completely uniform surface. So it becomes difficult to paint in some places.

  5. step

    Now it’s time to paint and decorate! Let your creativity run wild and decorate your plates with everything your heart desires. For example, you can embellish your slate decoration with small ornaments, sayings or greetings.

  6. step

    To ensure that your design lasts a long time, you should use a top coat at the end. But don’t worry, it is available in matt versions. So the rustic charm of the slate is preserved.

Would you like your table decoration to be completely different? Slate slabs are the answer to our wildest living dreams! No wonder natural minerals are so popular. Slate decoration will make your next celebration an absolute highlight. Your guests will be amazed. Have fun decorating!

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