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This is how it works: Arrange pillows


Cushions are quick quick-change artists: They can be used for quick and easy makeover. Be it to individualize single-colored duvet covers or to try out a trend color or pattern. We will show you how you can breathe a little hotel bed flair into your bedroom with numerous decoration options.

Westwing: Arrange pillows

Perfect starting position with hotel flair including: four pillows (dimensions: 30x80cm) in soft gray and white.

Arrange basic rules for the pillow

  1. Different sizes to “layer” the pillows (stack on top of and in front of each other)
  2. Different colors and textures
  3. Not to be underestimated: the effect of patterns
  4. As a basic: choose a theme (a color family)
  5. Be willing to experiment!
Westwing: Arrange pillows

Layering the pillows

For everyone who likes it cozy: Combine several decorative pillows (40x40cm or 50x50cm) in different colors (here neutrals such as gray and graphic patterns) with your simple pillows (40x80cm). Cool: an XL decorative roll that you can position in the middle. If you like it more luxurious or artistic, you can decorate another pillow centrally.

Westwing: Arrange pillows

Tip: use different patterns and sizes. And try out colors and trends (here: in feather optics in) in the interior.

Important: Get yourself a few basics in simple colors such as gray, beige, and white. So you have basic equipment that you can easily update at any time with patterned or colorful throw pillows.

Westwing: Arrange pillows
Westwing: arranging pillows

Nice: combine two matching decorative pillows with your pillow to add elegant accents. Too boring? Then accentuate it with another eye-catching throw pillow that is placed in the middle.

Westwing: Arrange pillows
Westwing: Arrange pillows

Nice and simple: Stack your pillows instead of layering them. That looks tidy. Pay attention to different sizes and colors. Stack two flat pillows and drape a square one on top or style a single pillow in front of it.

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