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Tissue paper – what you need to know about the trend material


Many know the material from stylish shops. This means that the newly acquired treasures are packed in the shopping bag after purchase. However, tissue paper is not only used in retail. In the following, we have summarized what the special form of paper is all about.

Tissue paper is thin paper, as fine and soft as silk. It is used for various DIY projects. Pompoms and garlands in particular are given a magical lightness by the fine, transparent paper. Tissue paper is much more flexible and resilient than conventional tracing paper. You can buy the material as blanks or as a roll. The tissue paper is either white or colored. The colors range from black to gold to pink, pink, red, blue or green. With all its shades of color, because tissue paper is easy to dye.

In the past, remnants of silk or the cocoons of the silkworms were used to produce particularly fine paper. China was not only known for the art of silk making. For a long time, the Asian region was also the absolute center for paper production. And produced wonderful masterpieces. Nowadays, real silk is rarely used for tissue paper. The materials and techniques have improved to such an extent that wonderfully soft and thin paper can be produced even without silk. The pulp now consists of wood, other recycled paper or other fibers. It is sifted thinly, pressed and dried so that the delicate tissue paper can be created.

All-rounder: Tissue paper is resilient tracing paper, which is why it is also used as a template for sewing patterns or embroidery designs.

Facts: You do this with tissue paper

Paper, also known as packing silk, serves two main purposes: crafting and packaging. We have put together some typical creative uses of tissue paper for you:

  1. Packing fragile things

    Tissue paper is soft, easy to crumple up and stuff any gap without straining. That is why small collectibles and jewelry are often packed with tissue paper.

  2. Wrapping up precious

    Because it looks so elegant and feels wonderful, precious gifts such as wine bottles are often wrapped in tissue paper.

  3. Tinker tissue paper packaging

    Especially when you give away homemade things such as bath bombs or chocolates, you want to make the packaging beautiful!

  4. Pom poms

    Tissue paper for pompom handicrafts is classic. The delicate paper is folded and pulled apart until cute colorful balls are created!

  5. Garlands

    Colorful garlands are also made either with flowers or with fringes made from tissue paper.

Of course you can also hide your gifts under other packaging. Printed paper such as typical wrapping paper, corrugated cardboard, cardboard or construction paper are suitable for crafting unusual gift packaging. But pack silk alone is resilient, noble and fine at the same time.

DIY: Decorative paper flowers made from tissue paper

Not only pom poms and gift packaging can be made with the trendy material. You can also beautify your home in no time. We’ll show you how in just a few steps. What you need:

  • Tissue paper in the desired color
  • Craft wire
  • Florist band
  • scissors

For the desired length of the flower stem you need twice the amount of craft wire. Tangle the wire until you have a stable stem for your paper flower. Optionally, you can wrap this with florist tape. Fold 2 pieces of tissue paper until you have a 10-15 cm long, multi-layered strip.

For the flowers, this strip is now cut into pieces of different widths. You need 5 cm, 8 cm and 10 cm wide sections of the folded tissue paper for an authentic layered look. Now that all the materials have been prepared, it’s time to start wrapping. Start with the 5 cm long tissue paper and turn it around the prepared stem.

Take your medium length piece of paper in hand and crumple it lightly before placing it as a second layer around the stem. Finish wrapping with the widest part of your tissue paper. To secure your flower, you can attach the craft wire around the end and cover it with green florist tape. Pluck your petals and the beautiful tissue paper flowers are ready to use.

Print on tissue paper

Would you like to wrap your gifts in stylish tissue paper in the right style? Then we have a special trick ready for you. The paper can not only be used in one color, but can also easily be provided with patterns and motifs at home. Attach your tissue paper with adhesive strips to a piece of paper that you otherwise use for printing. Thanks to the crafted construction, you can easily print on the paper without tearing it. So you can personalize your tissue paper in no time!

Whether for handicrafts, packaging or decorating: tissue paper is a noble all-rounder! Give it a try and turn tissue paper into little works of art. Have fun!

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