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Tradition for young and old: decorate the Christmas tree


Every year … we look forward to decorating our Christmas tree! Decorating the Christmas tree is actually almost a (small) art in itself. It is usually the masterpiece of the Christmas living room. Our interior experts will tell you the most important tips and tricks so that no decorative mishap happens when you decorate the Christmas tree at the next Christmas party. Let yourself be inspired and give your Christmas tree a completely new look!

Although we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas Eve, the tradition of the Christmas tree can be traced back to a pagan custom. Folklorists assume that the first decorated Christmas tree was set up by the city guilds in the 16th century.

The typical Christmas tree decorations as we know them did not spill across the pond from America to us in Europe until the 19th century. Since then we have let our Christmas tree shine in new splendor every year.

Christmas decoration 1 x 1: decorate the rules for the Christmas tree

  • Not too much and not too little! The right amount of Christmas tree decorations is often rigorously underestimated or overestimated. Fir trees are decorated with tree decorations either too much or too little. As a rule of thumb: 10 to 15 Christmas balls per 1/4 meter. The bigger the balls are, the less of the beautiful pieces are needed. Especially full firs can be decorated a little more generously.
  • Set a color palette before decorating the Christmas tree. Basically, all nuance worlds are open to you – from white to gray to brown to beige to pink or bordeaux. Your Christmas tree decorations will become an eye-catcher if you combine them with a contrasting color. Metallic tones such as gold and silver provide a festive shine.
  • Mix the material! So that your Christmas tree does not look monotonous or even boring, you can conjure up an interesting look with shiny and matt Christmas balls made of glass or metal. This also provides more depth and lets your Christmas tree shine.
  • No Christmas tree without a string of lights! String lights with warm white lights provide a particularly beautiful effect. Basically, you should always place your fairy lights in a circle from top to bottom before decorating the Christmas tree. Real candles also create a cozy flair. However, you should never leave them unattended!

Very elegant: decorate the Christmas tree classically

  • Ideas 1: The colors red, gold, green and silver are particularly classic. Because they stand for timelessness and tradition.
  • Ideas 2: With a typical Christmas tree look, the tones of red and gold dominate. This combination has a warm and homely look.
  • Ideas 3: If you want it classic, but still modern, the mix of green, red and silver is a real highlight.
  • Ideas 4: If you want to decorate your Christmas tree classically, then real candles are almost a must.

With pep: decorate the Christmas tree in a modern way

Very popular at the moment: the handmade look. The Christmas tree is not spared from this. With tags and garlands made of paper and other natural materials, such as wood or felt, your fir tree will be a modern eye-catcher this year. Straw stars that radiate a rustic charm are also welcome. Real candles then complement the style perfectly. With colorful fairy lights and pendants you give your Christmas tree pizzazz and a cool style.

Something fancy: decorate the Christmas tree in a fancy way

If you like it a little crazier and kitschy, you can safely leave the classic Christmas tree balls in red and silver on the left. Instead, go for extravagant Christmas tree decorations. In addition to brightly colored decorative elements that will make your face smile on Christmas Eve, you can also dangle sweetly sweet treats on the Christmas tree. Red and white candy canes, chocolate gingerbread or home-made Christmas cookies ensure a good mood and make all sweet tooth dreams come true.

Everything in position: decorate the Christmas tree correctly

In addition to the matching Christmas tree decoration, the position of the pieces of jewelry should not be underestimated. So that your fir tree looks stylish and elegant from all angles, you should attach the balls and decorative elements correctly.

Basically, the following applies: Christmas trees become lush and wide at the bottom – and this is how the Christmas tree decorations should be attached. Heavy, large elements come down and light, fine balls come up. As a result, the individual branches do not lose their shape and remain stable.

By the way, did you know that the classic Nordmann fir makes for a particularly beautiful appearance on Christmas Eve? The Nordmann fir offers the best abundance to decorate and the needles simply smell wonderful of Christmas. Well, then Christmas Eve can come!

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