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Trend accessory: fruit as decoration


Pretty cheeky fruit! Not only the decoration with fruit motifs is a hyped summer trend, deceptively real decorative fruits also adorn the beloved fruit bowl. No wonder! Artificial fruit is currently the absolute must-have among the decorative elements. Is there anything more summery than sweet fruits on the table? There is hardly anything that appeals to us as much in summer as juicy grapes or red strawberries. However, it is unfortunately rather difficult in the warm season, real Fruit as a decoration use. But no problem: fruit dummies made of ceramic, wood, wax or metal in the bowl make themselves at least as fabulous! Let yourself be inspired by the tips and ideas of our interior experts!

Where does the “fruit decoration” trend come from?

Did you know that artificial fruit was already very popular in the 17th century? At that time, however, it was only reserved for the nobility to use art fruit as a decoration. Real fruit and vegetables were particularly common at European royal courts. The treats were mainly used as table decorations.

In order to maintain the formability for the popular types of fruit and vegetables, wax was primarily used. However, the problem developed in summer so that the fruits threatened to melt in the direct sun. Nowadays, modern decorative fruit is primarily made of plastic using airbrush guns. This not only ensures a significantly better shelf life, the fruit decoration also looks absolutely realistic.

Benefits of artificial fruit decoration

Artificial decorative vegetables, artificial flowers or crisp fruit made of plastic not only look fresh in every season, the artificial objects are also particularly sustainable. No matter whether sweet fruit or healthy vegetables, the pretty It-Pieces can be easily reused, are long-lasting and do not spoil. Cheers to fake apples, pears and grapes that can be used all year round and do not attract annoying fruit flies!

Extra tip: Artificial decorative fruit is simply wonderful on advertising photos – without any brown stains. These can actually be caused by spotlights.

How to skillfully stage your decorative fruit

As a summer eye-catcher, a fresh fruit decoration is particularly popular in the kitchen or dining room. But also on special occasions such as Christmas or Easter, the fruits with their bright colors give a festive table that certain something. Another classic is the bulging fruit basket on the dresser in the hallway or in the living room.

Decoration tip: A pretty bowl can be decorated with a variety of fruits depending on the season. In autumn, for example, oranges, apples, pumpkins and chestnuts create a seasonally appropriate atmosphere. At the same time, the fruit basket can be stylishly upgraded with fresh or dried flowers, twigs, pine cones, candles or tea lights.

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Cool ideas for decorating with fresh fruit

Fruit decorations should of course not be missing as kitchen decorations on the dining table. Especially in the warm season, a rustic bowl with crunchy fruits gives the laid table a summery feeling. But even on cold days, fresh fruit can add a little elegance to the banquet table. Apples, pears and berries are particularly suitable as pretty winter fruit. Together with cut flowers and a few green branches, you can create a wonderful arrangement that will beautify any home.

In general, you can decide whether fresh fruit should serve as an eye catcher for the entire table decoration. Or would you prefer to support the decorative installation with a stylish touch? Large XXL fruit baskets with colorful fruit varieties breathe tropical summer vibes into your garden party. Oranges and lemons in baskets can be decorated just as impressively on a ladder shelf in the kitchen. So the fresh food is always at hand and a colorful eye-catcher in your home.

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