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Tulip decoration: our most beautiful ideas


Colorful flowers that sprout in nature on the meadows or along the path ring in the warmer days. Crocuses, daffodils and tulips in particular are the first signs of spring. In addition to their wonderful colors, the well-known lily plant can be used very well for various decorating ideas. So if you are still looking for great suggestions for a spring-like decoration with tulips, then let yourself be inspired by the tips and styling variants of our interior experts! Here you will learn a lot of interesting things about the Tulip decoration and can learn a few tricks for your festive table decoration with tulips.

Fantastic spring decoration: symbolism of the tulips

Did you know that there are around 150 different types and countless hybrids of tulips on this earth? The many facets and colors of the flower not only look great, they also bring out a lot of decorative ideas.

But where do tulips actually come from and what exactly is their symbolism? You are probably already mentally building the bridge to Holland. But this is only half the truth. The bulbous plants originally come from ancient Persia, which is documented by writings from the 9th century. The term “tulip” is also derived from the Persian word “dulband”. Translated this means something like “turban”. From Persia the tulip found its way to Turkey and since the 16th century the tulip has been native to all of Central and Western Europe. By the way, Holland was chosen this year as the center for onion plants and tulip growing.

The tulip symbolically stands for the Spring, but also for love and affection. With the respective coloring you can intensify this effect. A red tulip bunch symbolizes eternal and deep love. Yellow tulips, on the other hand, are associated with sympathy and orange flowers with the feeling of fascination.

Colorful tulip decoration in different colors

Now it’s getting colorful! No matter what color, a bouquet of tulips immediately puts you in a good mood and lets spring move into your four walls. It doesn’t matter whether you only design your tulip decoration in a single color or use a brightly colored sea of ​​flowers for your DIY. We have put together the four most beautiful craft ideas with tulips for you. Let your creativity run wild and feel the colors of spring!

Tulip decoration in vases

The timeless classic par excellence are tulips in a vase. Especially in simple models made of glass, the whole floral splendor comes into its own. Whether on the dining table, the window sill, the dresser or in the hallway on the sideboard – tulip decoration in the vase is still a real eye-catcher.

Put the tulips together in a color to match a bunch (of course you can also choose colorful flowers for this decoration idea). Use the knife to shorten the flowers to the correct length and cut the individual stems around 2 centimeters. Now arrange the tulips in the glass vase filled with water.

For an extravagant look, you can decorate several vases side by side and sort the flowers by color. This arrangement looks opulent, but is an absolute eye-catcher of the decoration on festive occasions. If you like it a bit simpler, you can decorate even a single flower. So the tulip is particularly beautifully staged and you create a great accent in your interior.

Decoration tip: As a small eye-catcher, you can tie a wide ribbon made of jute or lace around the vessel and close it with a bow.

Table decoration with tulips

Fresh tulips on the table look subtle and still make a difference. No wonder the flowers are so popular as table decorations. They are especially for festive occasions like Easter the Spring decoration par excellence. How about if you put the colorful flowers in a nice jug? For example, this fits perfectly with the rustic country house style. And is something different than decoration with a classic glass vase. It is also nice if you decorate a large decorative glass or lantern with tulips. For this purpose, the flowers are not placed vertically as usual, but placed transversely in the glass. This creates an exciting accent on your table decoration!

Tulip decoration for the spring wedding

White tulips on a table as a wedding decoration

A beautiful floral decoration should not be missing at any wedding. While roses are all too happy to be arranged here, tulips are just perfect for a casual spring wedding. You can arrange the colorful flowers in the bridal bouquet, flower arrangements or, as in our decoration idea, as a bunch of tulips in cylindrical vases on the wedding table. The bouquet looks particularly elegant, however, all in white.

More nice ideas with tulip decoration

A very popular way of decorating tulips is, of course, in the bouquet. Ranunculus, anemones and gypsophila in particular go well with the flowers, but roses or the Lisianthus are also great combination partners. The look becomes very stylish if you shorten the bouquet so that only the flowers protrude beyond the vase edge.

Would you like to give your guests a warm welcome and are still looking for the right front door decoration? A door wreath made of or with tulips offers an absolutely cool remedy! For a flower wreath made only of tulips, you can pick up a moss wreath, which is then decorated with the colorful flowers. If, on the other hand, you want to give your door wreath of twigs and branches the finishing touch, you can anchor individual tulip stems in the wreath. It doesn’t have to be real flowers here! Artificial flowers now look confusingly similar to their models. In addition, the artificial variant is much easier to care for and has a longer service life, so you can have something of your decoration for a long time.

Tulips in the garden

Tulips do not only look good within the four walls. They can also be seen as colorful roommates in the outdoor area. If you want to grow tulips in the garden, you should make sure that you plant the bulbs between mid-November and early December. In addition, tulips prefer a rather sunny location and are quite undemanding in terms of care. Only waterlogging should be avoided!

A little hint: To put the tulip bed in a particularly beautiful setting, it is best to plant the spring flowers in groups.

If you want to plant the spring flowers on the balcony or terrace, you should opt for small-sized species. The plant crops should also not be too tall and thick-walled and should have a large diameter.

Conclusion: Our best tips for decorating tulips

  1. If you want to arrange the fresh cut flowers in a vase, we recommend one straight cut of the stems. This allows the water intake to function ideally and the tulips grow splendidly.
  2. Similar to roses, the colors of the tulip also have one different symbolism. When decorating, you should therefore bring the flowers into line with the respective occasion.
  3. As already mentioned, there are around 150 different types of tulips. Take advantage of this diversity! For example, pointed tulip flowers look very elegant. Perfect for the wedding decoration. The classic star tulips adorn the colorful birthday table of your kids.
  4. If you want to decorate the flowers not in a glass vase, but rather in a flower arrangement or pot, you can use moss Choose covered floral foam. Or you can choose tulip bulbs and plant them. Looks totally beautiful too!

More inspiration for spring decorations with tulips

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