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Upcycling for your cans: paint flower pots


Be ready for the summer – with a different planter for your balcony! Because our living experts not only have a knack for interior, you also score points in terms of DIY with a wide range of know-how. Let us convince you and conjure up stylish flower pots with our simple step-by-step instructions, which you can paint creatively with bright colors!

What you need for upcycling

  • Tin cans (without labels)
  • A black edding
  • A cordless drill
  • duct tape
  • A scissors
  • brush
  • Different colors of your choice
  • Parcel cord

Painting flower pots – it’s that easy!

Painting flower pots step-by-step:

  1. step

    Line up your place for crafting with a suitable mat so that you don’t get dirty. An old newspaper or a piece of wrapping paper is ideal.

  2. step

    Mark the two drill holes on the tin can for the suspension with an edding.

  3. step

    Drill holes! Here you can use a cordless screwdriver or a classic screwdriver. You can also carefully drill the holes in the sheet with a corkscrew.

  4. step

    Now stick the pattern on the box with the adhesive tape – there are absolutely no limits here. Be creative!

  5. step

    Now the brush is swung – for the upcycling of the cans, paint them with bright colors. Then let it dry for around 20 minutes!

  6. step

    Peel off the adhesive tape and thread the parcel tape through the pre-drilled holes, knot – done!

  7. step

    Decorate your painted flower pots with beautiful plants and you’re ready to go in summer.

Let our summer move in on your balcony or terrace with our tips for your upcycling cans. Then you can hang the painted flower pots on the balcony railing or mount them on a wall of your terrace, for example with a wall shelf. Evergreen or colorful flowers like bromeliad & Co. provide a summer flair in your outdoor area.

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