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Vase with a face: the new decorative trend


Looking good! Vases with a face are the trend of the hour! The decorative accessories enrich every living area and also cut a pretty good figure solo. Eyes or entire facial features are winking happily at us and making flower vases a trendy it-piece. On your chest of drawers, on the shelf or on the table: faces on vases are a pretty eye-catcher. Because you don’t see such a design every day! A vase with a face is much more than just an elegant representative of home accessories. Our interior experts will give you tips and styling ideas for the pretty vessels. Let yourself be inspired!

True art objects – the special features

Show your face! Vases with flowers and a cheeky face lead to an amusing gimmick. Because the delicate plants look like natural hair, which makes a statement that is quite opulent and courageous. The faces sometimes appear completely uni and three-dimensional, painted by hand or as a print motif. No matter which style you choose in the end: the little fellows spread good mood in your four walls in no time. In addition, the home accessories are also a great gift or souvenir – with or without a colorful bouquet of flowers.

Vases with painted faces and dried flowers

Decoration ideas with the trend vases

Vases with a face show very different characters. The cute collector’s items become loving roommates. You can of course use the decorative objects in the classic way as a vase or flower pot. But even without content, the beauties are a real eye-catcher in the room. As a container for flowers or dried flowers, you can effectively showcase your living area. The plants make it look as if the vases had romantic hair that seems to sprout from the head. A cheeky greenhead, on the other hand, has flower pots with a face. Here the tufts of hair stick out jagged or feathery decorate the head. Vases with a face feel great individually, but also in groups. They can be combined really well! For a harmonious overall picture, you should make sure that the vases come from the same style. The pieces of jewelry become a visual highlight when you arrange different sizes with each other.

White and black vase with face on table

The perfect place

The rose cavaliers feel very comfortable everywhere – with or without a bouquet of roses. The vessels are particularly beautiful on your sideboard in the living room, on the coffee table or as a highlight on the shelf. Rustic ceramic pieces are even suitable as stylish bookends. Another place where a vase with a face likes to take a seat: the windowsill. In addition to a simple arrangement with no frills, you can also combine the vases with additional decoration. Candles, fragrance sticks and other containers complete the stylish mix. With decorative coffee table books you can take the vase with your face to a whole new level!

Buy vase with face online

In the WestwingNow online shop you will find an exclusive selection of vases that enchant your home with a face. Let yourself be inspired by the modern designs and get your new interior highlight! Click through our range at your leisure and put together your own personal selection. We hope you enjoy your new roommate!

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