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Winter flowers: the most beautiful bouquets for the cold season


What summer can do, winter can do as well – namely, create great winter flower arrangements that beautify our Christmas tables, window sills, etc. We will show you which winter flowers also bloom in the cold season and are therefore the perfect decoration for your table. In addition to traditional bouquets, we will also introduce you to a number of unusual arrangements!

Winter amaryllis flowers in red vase

Amaryllis – queen of winter

The amaryllis is a houseplant that blooms in both autumn and winter. The best? It blooms in the absolute Christmas colors: festive red and pretty white and is ideal for center pieces on the Christmas table or in the entrance area.

Choose a stylish planter or a pretty vase and combine the amaryllis with winter branches and festive little Christmas balls. The Christmas flower arrangement is ready!

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Snowdrops on table

Snowdrops – the classic among winter flowers

As the name suggests, the snowdrop is one of the few flowers that can withstand the cold snow. The small, bell-like, white flowers bloom at the end of winter and are therefore the first heralds of spring of the year.

A large bouquet of snowdrops in a zinc pot creates a rustic effect. For a touch of Scandi flair, place a few branches of the bells in a small, pretty glass vase – it is reminiscent of freshly picked flowers.

Winter flowers made from vegetables

Winter vegetables – individual bouquet

It is time to reinterpret the winter bouquet. Our tip: use artichokes, cabbage, carrots, pumpkin and cauliflower for this. Go to the farmers market and choose nice seasonal vegetables. Whether in a vase, a salad bowl or a terrine – create your personal vegetable bouquet as you wish and liven it up with a few leaves.

Best of all: First you can visually enjoy the bouquet, then it can also be cooked.

Christmas rose winter flowers in glass

The Christmas rose – a special beauty among winter flowers

The Christmas rose (also known as the Christmas rose) blooms, as the name suggests, especially during the Christmas season. In a basket on the balcony or in a crystal vase on the Christmas table, the rose, also known as hellebore, with its subtle shades of white, pink and purple, comes into its own and goes well with candlelight and Christmas decorations. The black hellebore is not only the most majestic and atypical of this variety, but also very difficult to come by.

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