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Wooden ladder decoration: ideas & inspiration


The wooden decorative ladder is currently conquering the hearts of furnishing fans. It can be used in so many ways, whether casually leaning against the wall or placed freely in the room. A ladder shelf or a decorative ladder is a true all-rounder. The Interior it piece can be used to hang up everyday objects, as a towel shelf or as a stylish flower staircase. A decorative ladder is just as beautiful as a clothes rack. So practical and absolutely stylish! Our interior experts will tell you how you can design an effective wooden ladder decoration. Let yourself be inspired by the tips and styling ideas for your ladder decoration!

With these furnishing styles, the wooden ladder must not be missing!

Wood is one of the most popular materials for furnishing. Especially with regard to sustainability, the natural raw material attracts positive attention. Since wood can be combined into many different materials and colors, you can use the wooden ladder in a variety of ways.

However, the decorative ladder is particularly popular in a modern Scandi-style facility. Light, local woods, muted colors and graphic shapes make up the style, and wooden ladder deco looks just as cool in industrial style. To reinforce the rustic look, you can use a teak decorative ladder.

A white model gives the country house style a modern yet classic look. An old wooden ladder that has a used look goes well with shabby chic or vintage style.

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Make deco ladder yourself

We still have something for the particularly creative. If you want, you can easily build a decorative ladder yourself. Find out how in our DIY video! In the WestwingNow online shop you will find an exclusive selection of beautiful decorative wooden ladders. They can be used to upgrade your facility and at the same time they are of practical use. Let yourself be inspired by the beautiful designs made of wood or another material! Get your new interior highlight! We hope you enjoy browsing, shopping and furnishing.

The most beautiful decoration ideas with wooden ladders

In the bathroom, the rungs of the wooden ladder function perfectly as a towel holder. In the kitchen, on the other hand, they serve as holders for many practical kitchen aids and in the entrance area as a wardrobe for scarves and hats.

The decorative all-purpose weapon can even be ceremoniously staged depending on the occasion and season. At the same time you can decorate the piece of jewelry with your favorite photos or you can use the it piece as a pin board to capture important things in everyday life.

No matter what you choose, the steps of your wooden ladder offer a lot of potential to be refined with decoration. Wrapped in a string of lights, the piece of furniture becomes a cozy light source in the dark season.

The practical towel ladder in the bathroom

A white wooden ladder stands in the bathroom with colorful towels.

Would you like to dry your towels in the bathroom in a stylish way? With a wooden ladder you can elegantly stage your textiles and always have the right towel at hand. Sounds perfect doesn’t it? With suitable hooks, sponges or the massage brush can even be attached. Depending on the project, you can also choose a model with shelves. So you have even more storage space for cosmetic products.

Pure nature with the flower staircase

Wooden ladder decoration in the form of a flower staircase with hanging baskets and hanging planters.

Do you have little space but don’t want to do without freshness? Bring the lightness of the green leaves into your home and decorate your wooden decorative ladder with hanging baskets and pots. Your personal urban jungle is ready!

Advent calendar with a difference

Wooden ladder decoration in the form of a self-made advent calendar.

Whether with fir branches, Christmas baubles or a chain of lights – the decorative ladder also looks pretty good at Christmas. Let your creativity run free and design one extraordinary advent calendar! With small sacks or kraft paper bags that you fill, your wooden ladder decoration becomes a festive eye-catcher. Depending on your taste, you can embellish your DIY advent calendar with suitable decorations and miss the finishing touches.

Reading tip: We have created an article on the topic of making your own advent calendar. Discover many more DIYs!

The vintage wardrobe

Wooden ladder decoration in the form of a wardrobe in the hallway.

Don’t know where to put your hat and handbag collection? The search is over! With a wooden ladder, you not only found the perfect place for your belongings, but also got hold of a particularly beautiful piece of furniture. The natural material wood looks elegant and is in no way inferior to a conventional wardrobe with vintage charm.

Nice wall decoration for the garden

Wooden ladder decoration mounted on the wall in the garden.

Wooden ladder decoration, for example, is also very nice outdoors. Small decorative accessories, such as a watering can or driftwood, skillfully round off the look. You create a harmonious overall picture by giving the decorative ladder a nice place on the terrace. An outdoor carpet, decorative pillows and a beautiful seating area made of rattan are perfect for this.

More storage space thanks to ladder rack

There is a white ladder shelf in the bedroom on the wall with decoration.

A wooden ladder decoration can also shine excellently in small apartments. Instead of a classic decorative ladder, you can also use a modern ladder shelf. The piece of furniture has the classic ladder shape, but scores with practical shelves. You can use these to store books, plants, candles or other things.

Even more wooden ladder decoration ideas

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